Ten Best OTT films of 2022

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Here’s the list of the ten best Indian films that have premiered exclusively on OTT platforms in the year 2022

Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, and Vijay Verma played the leads in this dark comedy flick. The movie is about a young woman and her mother, who wants to teach her alcoholic husband  a lesson. "Darlings" is a cool popcorn-worthy movie.

Darlings - Netflix

An intense, hard-hitting revenge drama features Keerthy Suresh and Selva Raghavan in the lead roles. Keerthy Suresh’s flawless acting will blow your mind.

Saani Kaayidham - Prime Video

"The 12th Man," a Jeethu Joseph thriller, starrs Mohanlal. The film tells the tale of 12 strangers who attended a secret party after accepting an invitation from an unidentified host. When a suspicious death occurs on the same day, things get tricky.

12th Man - Hotstar

The movie ‘Taanakkaran,’ which explores the dark side of police training and their challenges, was inspired by the true life of a police trainee. Vikram Prabhu plays the protagonist in the Tamizh-directed movie.

Taanakkaran - Hotstar

‘Monica, Oh My Darling’ is a neo-noir crime thriller that revolves around a robotic expert who desires to rule the Unicorn group owned by his girlfriend’s father. This film is lauded by critics and viewers alike.

Monica, O My Darling - Netflix

One of the best movies available on OTT this year is the Tamil mafia drama "Mahaan." Vikram and his son Dhruv give outstanding performances in the gangster movie, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

Mahaan - Prime Video

" Kaun Pravin Thambe," a biographical film about a cricketer who made a late turnaround, This movie chronicles the ups and downs of a cricketer who became famous at the age of 40.

Kaun Pravin Tambe? - Hotstar

The story of an elderly man who intends to pursue a career in cooking after retiring is told in Rishi Kapoor's "Sharmaji Namkeen," but his culinary journey has unforeseen turns and twists. One of the finest OTT movies of the year is this one.

Sharmaji Namkeen - Prime video

In the movie starring Abhishek Bacchan, a crooked, illiterate politician is sentenced to prison for his actions. As he realises the value of education and completes his 10th grade while he is in jail, the movie takes a lovely turn.

Dasvi - Hotstar