The epic India Vs Pakistan T20 Worldcup match on Oct 23

India needed 16 of the last over. Mohammad Nawaz the off spinner is bowling the last  over.

The nerve wracking last over     

The nerve wracking last over     

19.1 - Heartbreak for Indian fans as Pandya mishits into cover area and gets caught by the fielder.

19.2 - Dinesh Karthik comes in and takes a single right away and gets Kohli back to strike.

19.3 - Kohli calls DK for two, that was a tough call but both DK & Kohli are super quick on field.

19.4 - Smart cricket from Kohli. He see  high full toss ball which he hits to mighty six in the deep square leg  and also shows signal to leg umpire to show its too high. Umpire rightly calls it no ball…it doesnt go well with Babar who has discussion with umpire . India needs 6  from 3 balls.

19.4 - A wide from Nawaaz, pindrop silence among the 90 thousand fans in MCG. Babar Azam was not  that pleased by Nawaaz. Pressure on Pakistan bowlers.

19.4 (Free Hit) - The ball hits the stumps after Kohli misses it. Kohli doesnt miss any opportunity though, Kohli and DK run super fast to get three byes.

19.5- Dinesh Karthik gets out trying to strike the ball through the front foot. Rizwan wicket-keeper stumps out DK. Pressure was back on India.

19.6 - 2 needed from one ball, match could have gone either way or super over.  Nawaaz in pressure bowls at the leg side, Ashwin intelligently lefts out the ball and India gets an useful wide along with an extra ball.

19.6 -  Ashwin lofts it over mid-off and it was easy run and India cliches the epic chase in world cup history. Whole stadium chants India India & Kohli Kohli.

“Till today I said Mohali was my best T20 innings. Then I got 82 off 52, today I got 82 off 53. Both are just as special. Today I will count this one higher because of the magnitude of the occasion and the situation we were in.”

Speaking about the match Virat quoted..

Hardik kept telling me: 'just believe, believe we can do it, stay till the end'. Honestly, I'm lost for words."

"It's a surreal atmosphere, I have no words, no idea how that happened. I am really lost for words."

 No one could have hit those two Sixes other than Virat Kohli.

Hardik quoted..

 “My goal was simple: whatever I can to make your life easy, because you have done this over the years in crucial games. No one is better at handling pressure than you,”  said Hardik to Kolhi during their vital partnership.

– ‘I would have taken a bullet for you, but I would not have let you get out’: Hardik Pandya to Virat Kohli