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The Legendary career of Superstar Krishna

NTR and ANR are the leading legendary acting powerhouses of Telugu cinema’s golden age. Taking inspiration from these legendary performers, Superstar Krishna made his way into the industry and stood next to ANR and NTR with his abundant talents.

He is referred to as "Super Star Krishna" and "the James Bond of Telugu film" by Telugu people. The renowned actor passed away on November 15, 2022, at the age of 79 as a result of health issues. Let's take a look back at his legendary career.

Krishna is the most popular actor of his time. He’s widely acclaimed for his experiments with new technologies, his exploration of new genres, and for bringing new storylines to Telugu cinema. As an actor, technician, director, and producer, Krishna’s contribution to Telugu cinema is indescribable.


Ghattamaneni Sivaramakrishna, aka Krishna, was born on May 31, 1943, in Burripalem, Guntur district. His parents are Ghattamaneni Veeraraghavayya Choudhary and Nagaratnamma.

Childhood- Education

He is the eldest son of his parents; he has three siblings. His parents wanted him to be an engineer. Fellow veteran actor Murali Mohan was his classmate at the same college.

Inspired by NTR

Krishna has become a huge fan of NTR after watching NTR’s film "Patala Bhairavi."

Acting Career

When ANR and Savitri visited Tenali on the occasion of the "Devadasu" 100-day event, Kishna was awestruck as thousands of people gathered just to see them. At that moment, he made up his mind to become an actor at any cost.

Krishna is well known for his diverse roles as an actor. To prove his acting talents, Krishna first acted in plays.


In 1960, Krishna acted for the first time in the play "Chesina Papam Kashikellina." The late actor Shoban Babu also acted in this play.

He gained acclaim for his acting in plays like "Bhakta Sabari," "Sitarama Kalyanam," and "Chairman."

Film Career

Krishna’s first movie, "Tenemanasulu," The actor was reportedly criticized for his lean looks during this film. But the director of this film, Adurthi Subbarao, trusted the young actor.

However, Krishna’s fate was changed with the success of "Tenemanasulu." Out of nowhere, he emerged as the most popular young actor in the industry.

Krishna has acted in 100 films within nine years of his debut. This is a record for any actor in the Telugu industry. As of now, the versatile actor has appeared in more than 350 films.

In 1970, Jyotichitra magazine held a competition for people to choose the person who deserved the title of "superstar." Krisha has won the poll consistently for 4 years, and finally the moniker went to Krishna.

Superstar tag

Krishna got married to Indira before his film debut. Krishna and Indira have three daughters along with Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu. In 1969 Krishna got married again to his fellow actress Vijaya Nirmala.

Personal life

Differences with NTR

Krishna encouraged NTR to run for office in the 1980s. He made the 1982 movie "Enadu" in support of TDP ideology. The TDP campaign found this film to be quite helpful.

A full-page advertisement was published in a newspaper in 1984, the year Nadella Bhaskara Rao overthrew the NTR administration and became the new chief minister, declaring that Krishna was congratulating Bhaskara Rao. Krishna and NTR had disagreements as a result of this episode.

Political Entry

After falling out with NTR, Krishna joined the Congress party and won the Eluru Lok Sabha seat in 1989. In the by-elections held in 1991, Krishna lost the Eluru seat. After that, he withdrew from politics.

Krishna won Nandi Award for Best Actor in 1974 for the movie ‘Alluri Sitaramaraju.’ Filmfare South Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997, NTR National Award in 2003 and Indian government honored Krishna with Padma Bhushan award.


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