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 The Magic of "Dasakanta Ravana" from Ravananasura

A Journey with ‘Shanti People’ Music Band"

Shanti People is a music group that combines Vedic mantras with modern music genres like EDM (Electronic Dance Music). They believe that Indian music, being a sacred sound, serves as  a tool in the meditation process and thus aims to fill people with peace.

The group is led by a woman named 'Uma' and has performed at several famous music festivals across the world such as Sunburn, Ozora, Veda Life, and more.

 Their music has been heard in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, and India, and they have held concerts in Hyderabad and other cities.

Their latest release, "Dasakanta Ravana," from the soundtrack of the upcoming film "Ravananasura" is creating waves on social media. The mesmerizing vocals in this song belong to the Shanti People band.

The group's other popular songs include "Mahishasura Mardhini," "Krishna," "Deva Mahadeva," "Radha Madhava," "Tandava," "Murugan," "Shiva Shambho," and "Aigiri Nandini."

‘Shanti People’ aims to take listeners to another world by adding a modern twist to Vedic mantras without compromising the essence of classical music. Their music will leave you feeling both peaceful and energized, making you want to dance. To learn more about their previous work, click the link

Shanti People Music Band is performing live in various cities in India. The first concert was held in Hyderabad on February 5 and will be held again in Vizag on February 11. On February 10, they will be performing in Jaipur, and on February 18 in Ahmedabad.

If you are floored by "Dasakanta Ravana from Ravananasura then don't miss the other enchanting tunes of Shanti People"

Mahishasura Mardhini


Deva Mahadeva

Radha Madhava



Shiva Shambho

Aigiri Nandini