The must-have gadgets for women's safety

The attacks and assaults against women continue all around us even though we get more evolved and rely more on the newest technologies. However, some tools and equipment assist the ladies in defending themselves against the threat.

Act Sonata Watch - Rs.1,215/-

This affordable analogue watch features Bluetooth technology. Download the Sonata Act Watch app after purchasing the watch, then register your guardian number and other details. This watch guardian sends an alert to the guardian’s phone when it notices the user is under stress. Moreover, it displays the user's location.

This is a torch light which emits electric shock. This product might be very useful for women.

Shock Torchlight - Rs.549/-

The stab wounds can be avoided by covering one's hands with these gloves. These can be particularly helpful for ladies using knives in the kitchen.

Cut Resistant gloves - Rs.299/-

When this keychain is unlocked, a siren will play, alerting others to the danger that the user is in. Both ladies and the elderly can benefit much from it. It has a feature of playing music.

Alarm Keychain - Price: Rs.2,813 ( 2 pieces )

GPS Tracker - Rs.3,739/-

This tracker's unique feature is that it doesn't require a cell phone. Simply place a SIM card inside. On your phone, download the AIBEILE app and enter the emergency number. The gadget instantly calls and communicates your live position to the contacts you have added to the emergency list when you click the tracker button when you are in danger.

Pepper Spray Pistol - Rs. 8,538/-

Instead of always defending themselves, women must be prepared to fight the enemy. This practical pepper spray pistol can come in handy if they are attacked by thugs.

This is another useful tool to escape from danger. When you strike your adversary with this rod, it will hurt him terribly. It should only be used for self-defense, though.

Safety Rod - Rs.349/-

In addition to these solutions, there are several security apps available. The "Hawk Eye" and "Disha" applications were introduced by the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, women can benefit greatly from apps like SOS. Try to always keep these applications on your phone.