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High school love makes us nostalgic instantly, doesn't it? A high school love tale will always occupy a particular place in someone's heart, regardless of their age. 

The exquisite emotion of being deeply loved by someone or loving someone deeply has very certainly been felt by every single one of us. Many of us advance the high school love stories into marriage.

It is also a well-known story that some of our Indian cricketers have wed their high school sweethearts. MS. Dhoni, captain cool, is #1 on this list. 

Also,  Sanju Samson, the captain of the Rajasthan Royals, wed his high school love. But at least we know a few  interesting things about MSD's love tale. What about Sanju's love story? You don't know, right?

So let's learn some beautiful things about Sanju Samson's cute love story.

How did Samson & Charulatha meet


Samson and Charulatha were college friends. They both studied at Mar Ivanios College in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

At Mar Ivanios College, Samson was a BA student while Charulatha studied chemistry.



Samson revealed that he had been seeing Charulatha for a while but didn’t have the nerve to approach her directly. So he reached out to her on Facebook.

Who approached first


Did Charulatha reject Samson first


Interestingly, Charulatha has accepted Samson; what next? Samson received the positive vibes for Charulatha as they both exchanged messages for a while.

The two said that they used to meet frequently on the college campus and find time for one another.



Charulatha played a very important role in shaping Samson into what he is today.  Prior to being hitched in a secret ceremony in 2018, they were together for five years. Samson married his life partner at the age of barely 24.

How did Charulatha inspire Samson ?

Since Samson is a Christian and Charulatha is a Hindu, their marriage was an interfaith wedding.



The two have come a long way now that they can look back. Samson is now the captain of the IPL side Rajasthan Royals. Last season, his squad came in second. Samson is one of the most expensive players in the IPL.

Humble beginnings to highest Peaks

Charulatha, on the other hand, is an independent businesswoman.

Samson and Charulatha have a fairly modest presence on social media, unlike many other cricketers.

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