Tollywood Stars' Lungi Looks: Check Out These Telugu Heroes in Their Mass Lungi Avatar!

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There's a new trend in Tollywood where star heroes are captivating fans with their appearances in lungis.

Recently, Mahesh in 'Guntur Karam' movie poster dazzled in his lungi getup.

In the movie 'Na Sami Ranga,' Nagarjuna's lungi looks seem to be whistle-worthy for fans.

Ravi Teja appeared in a massy lungi look in the poster for 'Eagle' movie.

In 'Devara' movie, Tarak also impressed his fans with his lungi appearance.

Nani, in his recent movie 'Dasara,' also joined the new trend with his lungi dress.

In 'Pushpa2,' Bunny is also set to connect with the mass audience with his lungi look.

In the recent film 'Bro,' Pawan and Sai Dharam Tej made an appearance in lungi looks.

Chiru in his last film 'Walteru Veerayya' stood out in his lungi getup.

Balayya also appeared in a lungi in 'Veer Simhareddy,' looking like a true factionist.

In the movie 'Rangasthalam,' Ram Charan also scored a super hit wearing a lungi.