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with most number of centuries in international cricket

Top 5 Active Cricketers

The cricket world has produced several greats over the years, including Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting, who both scored a record number of centuries during their careers.

Sachin Tendulkar is still the batter with the most hundreds. Sachin had 100 centuries, which is a century of centuries. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has 71 centuries to his name.

The current game of cricket has also produced many excellent players capable of breaking Scachin Tendulkar's record of 100 Centuries. Let's have a look at the top five active players with the most hundreds in international cricket.

Cricket fans all over the world refer to Virat Kohli as "King Kohli." Virat is a next-generation talent. He had been at the pinnacle of his profession for almost a decade. With his classic approach, he can send shivers through the other camp and win matches entirely on his own.

Virat Kohli - 71

Virat Kohli leads this list with 71 centuries, and he is only 34 years old, so he's still got plenty more cricket left in him. Kohli scored his first century against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in 2009. Kohli's mantra throughout his prime years was "Eat, Sleep, and Score a Century."

Joe Root is of the same background as Virat Kohli. The clutch batsman is also England's generational cricket talent. Root has grown into one of England's most important cricketers over the years. He is well-known for his traditional England cricketing style.

Joe Root - 44

Root is ranked second on this list. In his career, he has scored 44 centuries. The English batsman is only 31 years old, and we can expect many more magnificent tons from him in the future.

David Warner, the daring Australian batsman, is most renowned for his destructive style of play. Warner's lethal striking is a feast for the eyes. Though he is recognised for his aggressive style, he is also regarded as a responsible test batsmen.

David Warner -44

In his career, Warner has 44 centuries to his credit. He recently revealed his intention to retire from Test cricket within the next 12 months.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma ranks fourth on this list with 41 centuries. Fans have nicknamed the aggressive batsman "Hitman." Rohit is well-known for his elegant style of play, which is a joy to see. Many cricket greats have liked his ODI and T20 style of play.

Rohit Sharma - 41

Rohit has scored the majority of his hundreds in shorter formats, while he has eight tons in tests.

Steve Smith is currently one of the top batsmen in the world. He is the most talented technical and tactical player on the team. He maintains a level of calm that no other batsman in modern cricket does.

Steve Smith - 40

Smith now has 40 centuries in his career. He has played some of the most arduous innings in cricket history over the years. The batting master has plenty of cricket left in him.

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