The 5 Best Royal Enfield Motorcycles to buy in the New Year

Many young people's dream bike is a Royal Enfield. The brand offers various models for its customers, from cafe riders to adventure bikes—the list goes on. 

We bring you a list of the top five Royal Enfield bikes for different needs.

Royal Enfield హంటర్‌ 350

It's quite difficult for a lean person to handle Enfield bikes because of their reputation for having hefty bodies.If you want a Royal Enfield motorcycle that is light and manageable, the Hunter 350 is a great option.

Hunter 350 is the most affordable bike of Royal Enfield.

Features: 349.94cc Engine  36.2kmpl Mileage 20.4ps Power  Disc Brakes 27Nm Torque              Tubeles Tires

Variants It comes in three variants. Retro, Metro, Metro Rebel. The Retro gets spoke wheels and rear drum brakes. The Metro, Metro Rebel comes with disc brakes and ABS.

Hunter 350 Retro   Rs.1,49,900  (ex-showroom) Hunter 350 Metro   Rs.1,66,900  (ex-showroom) Hunter 350 Metro Rebel  Rs.1,71,900 (ex-showroom)

Ideal for For individuals who adore Royal Enfield motorcycles but are unable to handle such a large bike, this bike is an excellent alternative.Although it is a wonderful match for college students,

the ride doesn't have the same enchantment as riding a heavy bike. Check out the TVS Ronin 225 if you want a similar-priced option.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

This is the most selling bike of the brand and it’s one of the most common bikes on Indian streets. Suits well for the people who have bulky bodies, it comes with a powerful engine.

Features 349.34cc Engine   41.55kmplMileage 20.21ps Power  Disc Brakes 27 Nm Torque  TubelessTires

Variants There are 6 variants in total. Two come with single-channel ABS, while the other 3 come with dual-channel ABS. The bikes are available in different colours.

The Ex- showroom price of the variants ranges from Rs.1,92,889 to Rs.2,17,589.

Ideal for On this bike, one may ride comfortably and leisurely. Therefore, it is the best choice for individuals who wish to use it on a regular basis.

When compared to other REs, the mileage is also better. The robust  J-series engine will provide you a superb riding experience without any hassle even if you only wish to do infrequent journeys.

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350

It is a cruiser bike yet has the same engine as the classic 350. The windscreen and cosy back seat give the bike a very elegant appearance.

Features 349.34cc Engine       41.88kmplMileage 20.21ps Power  Disc Brakes 27 Nm Torque    TubelessTires

Variants The Meteor is also available in a total of 6 variants. Fireball, Fireball Custom, Supernova. Depending on the variant, the price ranges from Rs.2.01 - 2.19 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Ideal for For those who adore cruiser bikes, this is the perfect choice. Additionally, because of its low seat height of 765 mm, it is ideal for short persons and weekend trip regulars.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 350

The Himalayan is an adventure bike offered by Royal Enfield. It is one of the best vehicles on the market for off-road touring.

Features 411cc Engine   32.04kmpl Mileage 24.31ps Power   Disc Brakes 32Nm Torque   Tube Tires

Variants Himalayan comes in five colour variants. The Himalayan Gravel Gray is the cheapest at Rs 2,15,900 (ex-showroom). Himalayan Glacier Blue, Granite Black, Rs. 2,23,900 (ex-showroom), is the most expensive.

Ideal for This bike is suitable for off-road travel and doing stunts. a great choice for long rides as well. Short folks could have problems managing this bike.

Royal Enfield Continental GT650 350

The Continental GT650 is a classic cafe racer motorcycle. It looks like a bike from the 1950s or 1960s, but it has a powerful engine and excellent performance.

This bike is the premium offering from RE.

Features 648cc Engine  25 kmpl Mileage 47ps Power  Disc Brakes 52 Nm Torque  Tube Tires

Variants The Continental GT is available in 3 variants and 5 colors.

Ideal for For individuals who are hankering after stylish looks, the Continental GT is the ideal choice. The bike has a pounding sense while riding because of its classic style.

This is the only bike in this category that you may purchase if you desire a cafe racer.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350, Royal Enfield Scram411, Royal Enfield Interceptor are also popular bikes.