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Urvasivo Rakshasivo

Movie Review

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Allu Sirish, who began his acting career over ten years ago, has yet to see major success. After two years, the actor returned to the screen with "Urvasivo Rakshasivo," a love story.  Can this film bring a smile to Allu Sirish? Let’s find out.

Sri Kumar (Allu Sirish), a software engineer with a pure heart, falls in love with Sindhuja (Anu Emmanuel), a free-spirited woman who works for the same organisation.


Sri, however, gets successful in earning her love, only to learn that Sindhuja sees relationships quite differently. The tension in the movie is between these two opposing viewpoints.

Allu Sirish performed admirably, and he has good chemistry with Anu Emmanuel. Their relationship is only the cherry on top. In this movie, Anu glitzed up more.


With his distinctive humour and punchlines, Vennela Kishore amuses his audience.

In the first half, director Rakesh Shashi focused on romance and love. The second entirely addresses feelings and interpersonal relationships.

Technical Aspects     

The production qualities and cinematography are superb. The music could've used some improvement.

Due of the abundance of romance, the movie could be a hit with young adults but fall flat with families. The movie successfully delivers its intended message despite some flaws.






Lousy narration

Routine Story

Rating : 2.75/5


Emotional scenes didn’t work out well