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Vikram                Vedha 


Movie Review

No Spoliers

Rating 4.5/5

After seeing the movie, your adrenaline levels will undoubtedly rise.

Your "Adrenaline Levels" rising should be one of the indicators of whether a movie is ok, outstanding, or great. Vikram Vedha unquestionably passes beyond good.

The movie has one of the best background scores in Hindi cinema by Sam C. S.  and it amplifies the feelings the characters are portraying by creating a deep emotional connection with the audience.

Hrithik Roshan played  "Angry Young Man with Swag" in this movie rather than just "Angry Young Man."

Hrithik owned the movie with his performance and style. He portrayed the character by evoking emotion with his intense eyes and occasionally with a smile.

Saif Ali Khan portrays an ethical police officer with great conviction. Fortunately, there were no conversations on being honest or other such topics. Saif never goes overboard and gives the part the necessary personality for the part

Not the least of whom deserves praise are married director couple Pushkar & Gayathri, who also wrote the script and who helmed  the Tamil film as well.

Without the excellent work of Radhika Apte and the rest of the actors, the movie would have looked a farce.

In this movie, "Kulcha Nahiri," a dish from the best Lucknowi cuisine, is featured in an iconic food scene. If you already enjoy ‘Kulcha Nahiri’, you'll enjoy it much more; if not, this might be the perfect moment to give it a try.

You'll be glued to your seat for the entire three hours thanks to the tension, excitement, and surprise plot turns in the film. You will be captivated for the duration of the movie by the interconnected stories, the performances, and the background music.

Congratulations to the writer and directors for maintaining the suspense for the entire three hours. One of the most unexpected scenes in the movie happens just as you believe it's going to end, and it absolutely surprises you and probably shocks you.

There is no doubt that this film should be watched in a theatre. Although the film is incredibly entertaining and may be one of the greatest to come out this year, reviewers must nonetheless point out areas where it could have been improved or better.

Even though Hrithik Roshan did a fantastic job playing "Vedha," there were scenes where it was challenging to picture him in the part. His lean physique, fairness, incredibly cool sense of style, and clothing, which includes jeans, might all be reasons for all this. Additionally, it looks like Pushpa was the inspiration for some of the clothing styles

The opening fight scenes and the closing fighting scenes also made us felt Hrithik's earlier "War" Hangover scenes. To make the audience root for the movie more, some of the fighting sequences could haven been choreographed better.