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‘Vinarobhagyamu Vishnu Katha’ Movie Review

The movie "Vinarobhagyamu Vishnakatha," featuring Kiran Abbavaram, was released in theaters worldwide today. Anticipation for the film had been building prior to its release. Now, let's take a look at the movie and see if it lives up to what we saw in the trailer.

Vishnu, played by Kiran Abbavaram, was raised by his grandfather (Shubhalekha Sudhakar) after losing his parents as a child. He has a strong desire to help others.


In the film, YouTuber Darshan (Kashmiri Paradeshi) meets Sharma (Murali Sharma) and introduces the concept of Number Neighbouring, which leads to Darshan becoming friends with Vishnu.

The concept of Number Neighbouring brings together YouTuber Darshana (played by Kashmiri Paradeshi), Sharma (played by Murali Sharma), and Vishnu in the film, leading to the growth of their friendship.

Vishnu and Darshana's initial contact evolves into a love story, however, in a pivotal moment, Darshana shoots Sharma with a gun, leading to her arrest and imprisonment.

The reasons behind Darshana's shooting of Sharma and how Vishnu protects her? To discover these answers, one must watch the film.

At its core, the movie is a tale of love, friendship, and patriotism, as Vishnu navigates the intricacies of these relationships. The plot is centered around how he overcomes the challenges presented to him.

Kiran Abbavaram portrayed the character of Vishnu, a librarian, and delivered an emotionally charged performance in the movie. However, there is room for improvement in his dance and fight sequences.


On the other hand, Kashmiri Pardesi played the role of Darshana and delivered a pleasing performance, exuding beauty on screen.

Murali Sharma delivers a convincing performance as Sharma in the movie. His sequences are lighthearted and humorous, with his acting and mannerisms consistently bringing laughter to the audience.

In the film, Subhaleka Sudhakar portrays the role of the protagonist's grandfather, while Devi Prasad and Amani play the roles of the heroine's parents, with each actor doing justice to their respective characters. Sarath Lohitanya also delivers a convincing performance in the role of terrorist Rajan.

Director Murali Kishore Abburuni has done an impressive job in creating a movie with a fresh and innovative concept. The film is well-crafted, particularly in the handling of the story from the pre-climax to the final scene.


Despite being a new director, Abburuni has skillfully intertwined three layers of love, emotional drama, and patriotism, showcasing his talent as a filmmaker.

The technical aspects of the movie are top-notch. The music, composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj, is a highlight of the film, and his background score elevates the movie to a higher level. In certain scenes, the background music effectively builds anticipation and excitement.


The cinematography by Daniel Vishwas and editing by Marthand Venkatesh are also highly commendable, with the visuals in the song sequences being beautifully captured and richly presented.

A twist at the end of the first half New in the story Music The twists Comedy by Murali Sharma Acting by Kiran Abbavaram


Some scenes are stretched in the second half Excessive dialogues of Kiran Abbavaram All in all, this movie is a great choice for anyone seeking an entertaining film full of twists and turns this weekend.


Rating: 3.25/5