Viral Video : A Royal Bengal Tiger swam 120 KM through the river to reach an island.

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The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most ferocious wild cat species in India. Can travel long distances to hunt anything.

The ability of these tigers to swim well is another intriguing characteristic.  A Bengal tiger in Assam swam for 120 kilometres via the rivers before arriving at an island. Can you believe it?

A recent video of a tiger swimming in the Brahmaputra River that was captured has gone viral.

Do Tigers Swim?

It ultimately arrived at an island after swimming 120 kilometres, according to officials.

120 kilometers

The tiger was seen in Assam's Umananda. Before arriving, it hid in caverns on Peacock Island.

Where was it spotted?

This tiger came from Guwahati's Oranga National Park. It is believed that she accidently slipped and was carried away by the stream while sipping water in the Brahmaputra river.

How did it get there?

One of the most dangerous tigers in the world is the Royal Bengal Tiger. These wild cats are claimed to have developed a swimming technique due to their habitats.

Are they trained?

These creatures hunt over great distances and have the unique ability  to hunt in water.

Hunt in Water

Officials from the forest department and other staff members tried really hard to capture the tiger after learning about it. They said that even after swimming 120 kilometres, the tiger is in good health.


The tiger was safely returned to the wild after undergoing health checks. These videos are widely shared on social media.

Where is it now?