Vishal’s ‘Laththi’ Movie Review

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Vishal, a Tamil actor, has been eagerly awaiting a successful movie for a while. With the release of the cop action movie "Laththi," the actor is back.

A. Vinoth Kumar is the director of the movie, which debuted simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu markets today. Let's analyze this movie.

Vishal, who maintains a regular life, works hard to get to the rank of police constable and lathi expert. However, when some unforeseen issues appear,


his life is completely flipped upside down. The plot of the narrative revolves around how the protagonist handles problems that are out of his league.

In the first half, the filmmaker only introduces the characters while testing the audience' patience with fruitless humour and romantic tracks. The tale won't become clear to the audience until the very end of the first half.

Half baked first half

The story builds in the second half, and Vishal’s trademark action sequels are a feast for his fans. The movie will have you on the edge of your seat right from the start of the second half. a one-man show

Twists and Turns

Vishal carries the film on his shoulders with his breathtaking action and emotional sequences. He is the driving force of this film.

One man show

Actress Sunaina shined in the limited role, Prabhu justified his role.

Star casr

The main strengths of this movie are the background music and the cinematography. The director's direction and editing both have room for improvement.

Technical experts

Vishal's acting BGM, Action scenes

Rating 2.5/5

Plus Points

Predictable Storyline Screenplay

Minus Points