Warning : You Could Be Victim of Bluebugging - How To Protect Yourself From this Cyberthreat

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The use of Bluetooth has rapidly expanded since smart watches and earbuds became available.Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this as a chance to carry out their crimes online.

Cyberattacks target mobile devices that have Bluetooth turned on. In Telugu states, this hacking practice known as "bluebugging" is now on the rise.

Usually, messages and email links are sent to smartphones and when they are clicked, malware is sent and hacked.

What is Bluebugging?

In the bluebugging method, phones with ‘Bluetooth On’ are hacked

When in public places, they will be paired by sending a request via Bluetooth to phones with Bluetooth on within a range of 10 meters.

Once connected, that's it. Then some types of secret malware are sent to the phone which will be installed without any notifications or messages.

And once this happens, they will take complete control of your phone. Using this malware they can steal passwords, pins, credit card numbers or contacts, photos and other important information by which they will try to blackmail you.

It is better not to use free Wi-Fi in bus stands, railway stations and public areas Don't turn on Bluetooth unless necessary when you are outside.

How can you take Precautions

Don't pair to pairing requests sent by unknown devices or people you don't know via Bluetooth. Also unpair Bluetooth devices connected till then, if you are not sure which device it is.

Evaluate your mobile data carefully and see if data consumption is unusually high, also use a VPN for added security