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or conjunctivitis, which is rapidly spreading in  Tamil Nadu?

What is Madras eye? 

In the winter, Conjunctivitis which is also known as Madras eye is a common infection. Despite being a seasonal illness, it is now creating severe troubles in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, 1.5 lakh individuals have been infected thus far. Hyderabad is also seeing intermittent outbreaks of the infection.

What exactly is Madras eye? What causes this infection? What precautions must we take to avoid conjunctivitis? Let’s find out.

– Conjunctivitis is an eye infection also called red eye or madras eye – Conjunctiva is a membrane that covers the eye globe and inner surface of the eyelids.

What is Red eye or Madras eye?

– Most common cause: Viruses or Bacteria – Other causes: Allergies and other    eye diseases.

What is the cause?

1. Redness of eye 2. Discharge from the eye 3. Sticky eyes. 4. Irritation

What are the Symptoms:

If it is due to a virus, it can be associated with fever, cold, or cough. It commonly affects both eyes.

– Viral conjunctivitis is a self-limiting disease and does not require any antibiotics. It will get better in 2 to 3 weeks. – Bacterial conjunctivitis requires antibiotics based on the bacteria causing it.


– It is spread from one person to another by contact or by sharing contaminated things. – Infected individuals should not share handkerchiefs, tissues, towels, cosmetics, linens, or eating utensils.

How is it spread?

– The safest approach to prevent the spread to others is to stay home until there is no longer any discharge

Consult a doctor to differentiate between the different types and for appropriate management

In Tamil Nadu, conjunctivitis is spreading rapidly as a result of abrupt climatic changes. Temperatures have dropped to 22 degrees Celsius as a result of the winter season and unexpected rains throughout the state.

Reasons for rapid spread

The sudden fall in temperature is expected to be the main reason for the rapid spread of the Madras eye infection.

Recently, few Madras eye cases have developed in Hyderabad. It's concerning because children represent the majority of those who have been infected.

Situation in Hyderabad

The spread of this virus can be prevented by taking measures. Do not use anything belonging to other people, such as towels, food, or hankies.


Avoid being around anyone who have irritated eyes. The infection may spread faster to the opposite eye if you rub your eyes a lot

Given that children are more likely to suffer from it, caution is advised. Parents in particular need to exhibit extra caution. Even if it's not a serious health concern, always keep in mind that "prevention is better than cure."


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