What's going on with Vladimir Putin's health?

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful leaders in the world. He was under serious criticism for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

For a longtime in the media there have been many rumours about Putin’s health. Recently many surprising rumours about his health are making rounds on social media.

According to certain rumours, Putin allegedly has both cancer and a neurological illness. Does Putin actually have these health problems? Are the rumours true? Let's look into it.

Putin started his career as a KGB spy before moving up the political ladder to become president. In his many years of service to Russia, Putin has brought about numerous dramatic reforms. Putin is a powerful player in world politics due to his strong leadership style; his current battle with Ukraine is the best illustration of this.

Putin's Rise

For over 13 years, there have been rumours concerning Putin's health. In 2009 it's reported that he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a successful surgery. But it was never officially stated.

Health condition

Putin has been staying away from the media since the Russia -Ukraine war. There was a massive campaign that the reason for his absence from the public limelight was his illness.

In the news again

The videos of Putin not able to shake hands and walk properly have supported these speculations. It’s been widely said that the President of Russia is suffering from a nervous disorder.

Lately there has been a spread of flu in Russia, several Russian media reports have claimed that Putin has been living in a bunker as one of his crew is detected with flu.

Staying in a bunker?

In a recent meeting, some attendees noted that Putin's hands seemed discoloured and had developed a light purple hue. A treatment is thought to be too responsible for the skin's discolouration.

Skin discolouration

Putin reportedly fell from the stairs of the presidential residence, according to the news. There were recordings of him walking a little more uncomfortable than normal.

Putin is struggling to walk?

According to other accounts, Putin's inability to walk normally is not a result of his injuries but rather of stomach intestinal cancer and a defecation issue.

Putin's lifestyle is also said to be one of the reasons to strengthen suspicions and speculations.


Putin reportedly takes a bath in blood obtained from deer antlers, according to some of the major foreign media outlets. He appears to be acting in this way because he is aware that doing so will cure the cancer. Many think Putin's cancer steadily lessened due to the deer antler blood.

Bath with Deer Blood

Putin travels with a cadre of oncologists wherever he goes. Putin allegedly made 35 visits to his physicians in the previous 166 days. These frequent revelations are creating significant concerns about Putin's health.

The Doctors Everywhere

Despite numerous rumours about Putin's health, neither he nor his team addressed the matter. The video and photos related to Putin's health raise numerous questions about his health, but some sections of the population firmly reject all these things.

What’s the Truth?