Kalpika Ganesh  and  Dhanya Balakrishna?

What’s the brawl between

Tollywood actress Kalpika Ganesh, who made a name for herself with notable supporting roles in films like Prayanam, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, and Padipadi Leche Manasu.

The actress has recently been embroiled in controversy due to her controversial comments on fellow actress Dhanya Balakrishna.

 Let's figure out what's causing the fight.

Kalpika made her film debut with Manchu Manoj's Prayanam, in which she played a supporting role. Later, she acted as Genelia’s friend in ‘Orange.’


Kalpika's acting talents got her a slew of offers in many films; she appeared in movies like Julie, Namo Venkatesa, Sarocharu, Padipadi Leche Manasu, and the recent Yashoda.

Successful career

Kalpika started her career as a model and slowly made her way into films. She’s also known for her filmmaking; she directed the short film "Perfect Copy," which was well received by the public.

Modeling to Movies

Kalpika claimed that she’s also suffering from myositis, just like Samantha. She also shared some photos related to her illness on social media.

Suffering from Myositis?

The actress launched a YouTube channel and posted some shocking comments against Dhanya Balakrishna, another actress.

What’s going on?

In addition to revealing an email she had received from Balaji Mohan, Kalpika claimed that Dhanya was secretly married to the director.

Kalpika said that Dhanya Balakrishna’s team had that video that she posted, but it was deleted. 

Threats from Dhanya Balakrishna

she’s receiving threats from Dhanya for revealing her secrets.

These controversial comments by Kalpika have gone viral across all social media platforms.

She posted multiple screenshots  on social media recently, which made the issue even worse.


According to Kalpika, she is not terrified of what is going to occur.

Her career will undoubtedly be impacted by this brawl.

Will this controversy affect her career?

The actress claimed that because she is self-made and intelligent, she is not dependent on others to offer chances for her.