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Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal trounced Switzerland 6-1 to advance to the FIFA World Cup 2022 quarterfinals in Qatar..

For the first time since 2006, Ronaldo's Portugal will compete in the World Cup quarterfinals.

With the exception of Spain, which was embarrassed in the penalty shootouts against the African nation of Morocco, the Round of 16 went as per plan for most of the European and South American powerhouses.

Netherlands beat the United     States by 3-1 in a hard fought    battle – Argentina beat Australia 2-1 as     Messi scored a brace.

Round of 16  Results

Croatia managed to avoid     defeat against Japan in the      penalty shootouts. – Brazil made a big statement by      clinching a commanding 4-1      victory over South Korea

Round of 16  Results

–  The defending champions      France beat Poland by 3-1 -   England outperformed Sengal        by 3-0

Round of 16  Results

Morocco stunned Spain by     clinching the victory in the      penalty shootouts. – Ronaldo’s Portugal thrashed the      Switzerland by 6-1

Round of 16  Results

Among the 8 teams that have booked their place in the quarter -finals, 5 of them are from Europe,  2 from South America and One  from Africa.

France England Portugal Croatia Netherlands

European teams

Here is the list

Brazil Argentina

South America teams


African teams

The stage is all set for the clash of powerhouses from different continents.

Adrenaline pumping quarterfinal fixtures

Brazil will lock horns with 2018      runner ups Croatia. – Messi’s Argentina will face the      strong Dutch (Netherlands). – Interesting battle awaits Portugal     against the confident Morocco. – The European power houses       England and France will go head     to head for the semi final glory.

Four winning teams will progress into the semifinals starting on December 14.

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