Who are the Bangton Boys (BTS)  Why they are so popular in India

It’s no surprise that the Korean band BTS is popular in India and all around the world. BTS are probably the first Asian group of artists to pop up into international fame. With their prowess and popularity, they made people around the world look at South Korea.

Korean music and films have received increased exposure from audiences all over the world in recent years. BTS have played a key role in penetrating Korean culture into the mainstream media globally. Let's find out more about this 7-piece pop singing sensation.

Bangton Boys are briefly referred to as "BTS." The septet—consisting of members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook The group was formed in 2010 and debuted their first music album in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment.


By 2017, BTS had crossed into the global music market, leading the Korean wave into the United States and breaking sales records.

The South Korean band enjoys immense popularity in India. In the year 2021, Indian BTS fans alone contributed 1.52 billion views on YouTube. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to their popularity in India.

Popularity in India

Through their art, BTS are giving valuable lessons to youth all around the world. They are the epitome of success and firmly think that everything is possible for someone who has a strong desire. There is no disputing the impact of BTS Journey on today's youth.

Inspiring the youth

The septet has an extraordinary global fan base. It is extremely impressive that BTS has managed to become one of the most well-known bands in the world despite the language limits. The BTS Army is the collective name for BTS supporters.

Fan base

BTS has put a lot of effort into becoming what they are today, yet the general public is unaware of this. The skilled musicians used to work on their songs for nine to ten hours each day in the studio before becoming recognized all over the world.


The pop group is also known for their lavish fashion sense. They have walked for many luxurious apparel brands in various prestigious fashion shows. Their collaboration with Loui Vutton was a hot topic when it was announced.

Fashion Icons

When it comes to literature and aesthetic trends, BTS is one of the most influential musicians. Many societal challenges, human ethics, and human obligations are topics in their lyrics. Their lyrics frequently stir up feelings in the audience and inspire them.

Artistic Style

Former President Ram Nath Kovind lauded South Korea's culture and arts during his visit there in 2018. According to him, Korean music has carved itself a unique place in the hearts of Indian youth "from Gangnam Style to BTS."

Ram Nath Kovind's praise

1. Fake Love : This song is about getting over a breakup and cheating.

Some of their hit songs

2. I Need You : Released in 2015, this song is called as one of the all time best korean pop songs.

3. Dynamite : 2020's Dynamite album put BTS in on the top. The track gained  more than 1 billion views.

4. Butter, On, Louder Than Bombs, Blood Sweat and Tears are some of their popuar songs.