Who is Sapna Gill? The Mystery gal behind Prithvi Shaw's Attack

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News of the attack on Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw is trending online. According to police reports, Shaw was allegedly attacked after he refused to take a selfie

Let's take a closer look at the incident and see who is involved in the incident.

On February 15, Prithvi Shaw visited a five-star hotel in Santacruz with his friend Surendran.

The Selfie Controversy

While there, social media influencer Sapna Gill and her friend approached Shaw to take a selfie with him.

Prithvi Shaw initially took a selfie with Sapna Gill and her friend Thakur. However, they wanted to take another photo with a few additional members of their group

Despite Prithvi Shaw's polite denial that he had come for dinner and didn't have time, Sapna Gill and her group were persistent for Photo.

As a result, Shaw's friends called the hotel staff, who then asked Gill and her group to leave the premises.

After being asked to leave the hotel, Sapna Gill and her team waited outside with baseball bats for Prithvi Shaw to return, and they smashed the car windscreen of Surendran's car.

During the incident, Prithvi Shaw was sitting in his car, which was deemed unsafe, and he was quickly transferred to another car. However, Sapna Gill chased the other car and attempted to hit it with a baseball bat.


Prithvi got out of the car and intervened, stopping ‘Sapna Gill’ from causing any further damage. The video of the incident has since gone viral.

Shaw's friend Surendran filed a complaint with the police. Following a thorough investigation, Sapna Gill and eight others were arrested by the police.


Sapna Gill, with 2.2 lakh followers on Instagram, is a popular social media influencer. She also has a following on other platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat.

Who is Sapna Gill?

In addition to her social media presence, Sapna Gill has appeared in various projects of Kashi Amarnath, Nirhua Chalal London, Mera Vathan, Ravi Kishan, and Dinesh Lal Yadav.

Sapna Gill's lawyer claimed that Prithvi Shaw behaved in indecent way when she approached him for a selfie, and further alleged that he was already fully drunk.

Sapna Gill Statement

The lawyer stated that Sapna Gill would apply for bail and added that Sapna Gill would file a complaint against Prithvi Shaw.

Complaint Against Prithvi Shaw

Prithvi Shaw has received significant support from his fans, who believe that Sapna Gill was in the wrong. In addition, many netizens are claiming that Sapna Gill demanded money from Prithvi Shaw.

Netizens Reaction

Prithvi Shaw has been involved in multiple controversies in the past. However, he has also led the Indian team to victory in the Under-19 World Cup.

Past Controversies

Prithvi came under criticism when he failed a doping test during the 2019 Vijay Hazare Trophy, resulting in an eight-month suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. However, he claimed that the positive test was due to taking a cough tablet.

Doping Test

Prithvi received criticism before the 2022 IPL due to his failure in the 'Yo-Yo' test, as he scored less than 15 out of the required 16.5 points.

Yo-Yo' Test failure

Furthermore, Ponting's allegations against Prithvi Shaw regarding his practice in the nets also sparked a debate.