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Writer Padmabhushan Review: Did Suhas impress the audience as Writer Padmabhushan?

Suhas' movie 'Writer Padmabhushan' hit the screens today on February 3. The trailer of this film was impressive and being Suhas's film after Colorphoto, the expectations of the film increased. Did Writer Padma Bhushan impress the people? Let's find out in this review.

Bhushan (Suhas) working as Assistant Librarian aspires to become a big writer.  He writes a book and borrows Rs. 4 lakhs to have it printed.  The book does not find any takers and is poorly received.


Bhushan makes an effort to force everyone to read his book. By coincidence, a different book with the author name Padmabhushan and no connection to Bhushan appears on the market and is well received. Bhushan then goes about claiming to be the author of the book.

After this, his Uncle tells him that he likes the book and that he would marry his daughter Sarika (Tina Shilpraj)  to him. Will they Marry? Did Padmabhushan learn who the true author is? Did the uncle know the actual truth?  For this, you must watch the film.

The middle-class way of life is effectively depicted in this family-themed film, which is filled with strong emotions.  The audience is provoked to think by the director's message in the climax.

How is the Film?

The movie is the tale of the boy next door. Some entertaining scenes in the first half are  Padmabhushan dropping to the ground to read the book and romantic scenes with ‘her would be’.

The patience of the audience is tested in the second half. The story will turn serious and some scenes appear padded. There are not that many surprises and the audience will feel they know everything,

Actor Suhas once again brought life to this movie with his performance. He carried the weight of the film on his shoulders. He has expressed his gestures well. He was also great in the emotional scenes.

Who did it?

As a middle-class father, Ashish Vidyarthi impresses. Rohini is convincing in the role of Bhushan's mother. Both of them made the movie appear strong with their performance. And heroine Tina Shilparaj acted well to the extent of her role.

Technically, the film is superior. The camera performance is good. Locations in Vijayawada and Kakinada have been shown beautifully. The songs and background music are impressive. The build values are high.

Technical Values

The way director Prashant weaves the story with a new point is good. But, more attention should have been paid to the narrative. Some scenes feel very normal.

Slow narration Anticipating turns


Suhas acting The message in the climax Construction values


Rating: 2.5/5

This weekend spend some time with writer Padmabhushan to know about  his book.