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Yakutsk:  The coldest city in the world

The Russian city of Yakutsk is called the coldest city in the world; the city is currently experiencing all-time low temperatures.

Yakutsk's climate is constantly cold because of its geography. It is noteworthy to mention that the average summer temperature is 19 degrees Celsius and the average winter temperature is -43.5 degrees Celsius.

@365 days of cold

Yakutsk's current temperature is -62.7 degrees; with this drastic drop in temperature, the city's temperature statistics have broken the previous two decades' records.

Record Low

People here are used to living in these extreme cold conditions. The world's longest cold wave exits this place.

Cold Waves

One has to wear four pairs of clothes to go out of the house. People in Yakutsk usually wear almost three to four pairs of hand gloves, a scarf, hoodies, and hats.


The city is located 5 thousand kilometers east of Moscow in the Siberian region of Russia. Yakutsk is located 450 feet below sea level and has a population of 3.55 lakh people.

Low Population

The month of January will see the lowest temperatures in this city.

Deadly January’s

All the roads and places will be filled with snow; transportation is a big challenge during this time.

Snow, Snow, Snow

Fish are the main dish of the Yakutsk people; the fish freeze during the winter, and they consume them in dry form.


To commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ (January 19), they take a holy dip in the freezing water.

Baths in ice water