Weekend Box Office Collections: What movie made the most this weekend?
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  • Weekend Box Office Collections: What movie made the most this weekend?

    Weekend Box Office Collections: What movie made the most this weekend?

    June 10, 2024

    Last Friday (June 7), despite the release of up to ten films, only two captured everyone’s attention. The film ‘Manamey’ starring Sharwanand garnered positive reviews and decent collections on its opening day. Meanwhile, ‘Satyabhama’, featuring Kajal as a police officer, despite receiving good reviews in theaters, was disappointing in terms of collections. Trade circles had expected these two films to increase their collections over the weekend significantly. Did ‘Manamey’ and ‘Satyabhama’ live up to these expectations? Let’s take a look at their weekend collections.

    Three-Day Collections of ‘Manamey’

    Sharwanand’s latest movie ‘Manamey‘ has made a notable impact at the box office this weekend. From Friday to Sunday, the film grossed a total of Rs. 10.35 crores worldwide, as announced by trade circles. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it garnered Rs. 5.8 crores. The movie needs to collect an additional Rs. 4.85 crores to reach its break-even target of Rs. 15 crores (Gross) approx, which might be possible if it continues to perform well on working days.


    Vikram (Sharwanand), a carefree playboy, spends his days drinking and flirting with any girl he sees. One tragic day, his best friend Anurag (Thrigun) and Anurag’s wife Shanti die in an accident, leaving their son Khushi (Master Vikram Aditya) in the care of Vikram and Subhadra (Krithi Shetty). How do they raise the child? Who is Subhadra really, and what is her relationship with Khushi? As Vikram and Subhadra grow closer while raising Khushi, does Subhadra, already engaged, accept a relationship with Vikram? This forms the crux of the story.

    ‘Satyabhama’ Disappoints Over the Weekend

    The film ‘Satyabhama‘, starring Kajal Aggarwal and directed by Suman Chikkala, was released last Friday (June 7) and managed to get positive reviews. However, it failed to make a significant impact in terms of weekend box office collections. The total worldwide gross for Friday through Sunday was estimated at Rs. 3 crores. The break-even target for this movie is around Rs. 5 crores and it still needs to collect an additional Rs. 2 crores (approx). Trade circles believe there’s a chance to meet this target during the working days.


    ACP Satyabhama works as a dedicated police officer in the She Team, skillfully extracting truths from criminals while maintaining her composure. Despite being married to the writer Amarendra (Naveen Chandra), her duty remains her life’s priority. One day, a victim named Haseena meets Satyabhama and shares about the domestic violence inflicted by her husband. Promising to look into it, Satyabhama sends her away, but Haseena tragically becomes a victim of a brutal murder by her husband. Distraught by intense grief, Satyabhama steps in to apprehend her husband. What challenges does Satyabhama face in catching the criminal? How many more lives has the culprit destroyed along with Haseena’s? This forms the crux of the story.

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