Double iSmart: Will Double iSmart Gross 100+ Crores?
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  • Double iSmart: Will Double iSmart Gross 100+ Crores?

    Double iSmart: Will Double iSmart Gross 100+ Crores?

    May 15, 2024

    The forthcoming movie Double iSmart stars the dynamic pair of the energetic actor Ram Pothineni and the popular director Puri Jagannadh. This action-packed film plays a crucial role in the careers of both Puri and Ram. After the underwhelming results of Puri’s ‘Liger‘ and Ram’s less impactful roles in ‘Red‘ and ‘Skanda‘, their renewed partnership is seen as vital. Their earlier collaboration, iSmart Shankar, was a major hit, known for its unique premise involving a brain-implanted chip that affects human thoughts. Recently, a significant announcement set the release date of Double iSmart for May 15, generating substantial excitement among fans.

    100 Crore Potential

    iSmart Shankar, a complete mass entertainer, was a box office sensation, amassing a global share of 80 crores, with 66 crores from India alone. With such impressive figures, the sequel, Double iSmart Shankar, is surrounded by high expectations. The film industry is abuzz with speculation about whether this sequel can hit or even near the 100 crore mark.

    Despite being categorized as a Tier 2 star in Tollywood, Ram Pothineni commands a fan base comparable to Tier 1 heroes, largely due to his strong mass acting and dancing prowess, as demonstrated in his movies. The success of iSmart Shankar and the high expectations for its sequel are positive indicators for Double iSmart. This anticipation is likely to result in substantial theater attendance in the first few days following its release.

    iSmart Shankar, entering the fray with modest expectations, clinched a resounding success, grossing 80 crores and highlighting Ram Pothineni’s box office appeal. Building on this momentum, Puri Jagannadh is back directing its sequel, Double iSmart, anticipated to be a Pan-India release. Bollywood stalwart Sanjay Dutt features in a pivotal role, enhancing the film’s allure. The recently unveiled teaser promo has received positive feedback, especially for Ram’s striking appearance and style. The official teaser is scheduled for release on May 15, and its reception could significantly influence the film’s pre-release business dynamics. Industry buzz suggests that Double iSmart could amass over 100 crores in pre-release earnings, spurred by the successful Puri-Ram collaboration. Additionally, OTT platforms are vying to secure streaming rights for a hefty sum, reflecting the film’s high market anticipation.

    Is This the Story?

    Currently, there’s considerable interest in the storyline of Double iSmart. According to the source the film includes a compelling flashback sequence featuring Ram Pothineni in an entirely new look. Set within an action-thriller context, this sequel is expected to incorporate more family-oriented elements than its predecessor, which could serve as a key highlight of the movie.

    Puri’s Determination

    Director Puri Jagannadh is handling Double iSmart with considerable ambition. Following the box office disappointment of his previous film ‘Liger’, which drew intense criticism partly due to his comments before its release, Puri is now determined to redeem himself with Double iSmart. He is ambitiously producing this movie for a Pan-India audience, planning to release it in multiple languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi, aiming to broaden his appeal across the national market.

    Crucial for Hero Ram

    For Ram Pothineni, Double iSmart is particularly critical. His recent film ‘Skanda’ underperformed at the box office and encountered significant trolling, particularly for its excessive action sequences directed by Boyapati Srinu. Additionally, his earlier movie ‘Warrior’ also struggled to engage audiences. Given these setbacks, Double iSmart has become increasingly vital for his career.

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