Excellent openings for Chiyaan Vikram’s ‘Cobra’ in Telugu states
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  • Excellent openings for Chiyaan Vikram’s ‘Cobra’ in Telugu states

    Excellent openings for Chiyaan Vikram’s ‘Cobra’ in Telugu states

    September 1, 2022

    Versatile actor Vikram graced the audience with his latest flick, “Cobra.” This high-budget thriller is directed by the talented filmmaker Ajay Gnanamuthu. “Cobra” opened in theaters yesterday on a high note. The film received a mixed response, but the audience was blown away by Vikram’s breathtaking performance. 

    Making use of the holiday, “Cobra” opened in Telugu and Tamil markets to huge crowds. The movie generated 12 crore on its opening day in Tamil Nadu. The opening day stats in Telugu states are 3.5 crores, which is a fantastic number for “Cobra” given Vikram’s market here in recent years. After “Aparichithudu,” Vikarm didn’t have a big Telugu hit, but his movie “Cobra” scored exceptionally well on its opening day.

    The Telugu rights were bought for 4 crores. The film will be a profitable venture for the buyers and exhibitors in Telugu states. 

    Particularly “Cobra” garnered criticism for its length. The 3 hour lengthy final cut. However, the filmmakers have cut the movie to 20 minutes in response to complaints from viewers and exhibitors over the running time. The “Cobra” trimmed version will start playing in theaters from today evening.

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