Exclusive: Did Premalu Overhyped? Social media feels so..
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  • Exclusive: Did Premalu Overhyped? Social media feels so..

    Exclusive: Did Premalu Overhyped? Social media feels so..

    April 13, 2024

    The Malayalam blockbuster ‘Premalu‘, after being dubbed into Telugu, has also garnered positive feedback here. Amidst massive promotions, the Telugu audience showed keen interest in the film, which became the first Malayalam film to gross over 15 crores in Telugu. However, at the same time, ‘Gaami’ starring Vishwak Sen had to settle for modest collections. On Friday (April 12), both movies made their way to OTT platforms with ‘Premalu’ on Aha and ‘Gaami‘ on Zee5, sparking a frenzy on social media.

    Too Much Build-Up, Not Enough Substance?

    Some netizens who watched ‘Premalu’ on OTT are not holding back their criticism. They comment that the movie doesn’t live up to the hype created by its superb promotions. Viewers feel that ‘Premalu’ is decent but not to the extent of a super-duper hit as promoted, and remark that it primarily appeals to the youth. On the other hand, many express that they really liked ‘Gaami’, stating that compared to ‘Premalu’, ‘Gaami’ was captivating in all aspects. They analyze that the excessive build-up and promotions for ‘Premalu’ negatively impacted ‘Gaami’.

    Gaami Vs Premalu

    Several netizens analyzed the stories of “Gaami” and “Premalu,” sharing their opinions. One netizen mentioned feeling bored by “Premalu,” stating that they have seen similar stories many times since childhood and noted that the climax was very similar to the movie “Toli Prema.” Another commented that the heroine Mamita Baiju was overly publicized. Without a doubt, another added, “Gaami is an extraordinary film.”

    Praise for Vishwak’s Performance

    The movie “Gaami” is receiving special attention on OTT platforms. Those who watched it for the first time on OTT are captivated by Vishwak’s acting. They are praising the story, visuals, background music, screenplay, and Vishwak’s performance as outstanding. The majority of netizens are sharing clips of their favorite scenes from the movie using the hashtag #Gaami. Consequently, this tag is trending on X (Twitter). The final two minutes of the climax have been particularly impactful, giving viewers goosebumps. Netizens are praising Vishwak for creating films with unique stories, declaring that there is no one else like him in the industry.

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