First 4 day collections of Ram Pothineni’s “The Warriorr”
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  • First 4 day collections of Ram Pothineni’s “The Warriorr”

    First 4 day collections of Ram Pothineni’s “The Warriorr”

    July 18, 2022

    The sole prominent release from Tollywood last weekend was “The Warrior,” starring Ram Pothineni and Kriti Shetty. With stunning first glimpses, the Linguswamy-directed movie was able to generate a lot of buzz among the audience. Without a hit film, T-town is facing its worst dry spell from over two months. Trade analysts anticipate Ram Pothineni to restart Tollywood’s winning streak. 

    Meeting the expectations On its opening day, “The Warrior” earned an impressive 8.30 crore worldwide gross. The movie is expected to do better over the weekend, but due to poor word of mouth, it underwhelmed in the weekend and only made about 28.7 crore globally in the first four days. The flick was unable to turn the tides for Tollywood. The picture had to make an additional 18 crores in revenue to break even, and the theatrical rights were estimated to be worth roughly 45 crores. This week’s release of superstars like Naga Chaitanya’s “Thank you” and Ranbir Kapoor’s “Shamsheera” could make “The Warrior’s” run in theaters quite challenging.

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