‘Gargi’ Movie Review. Sai Pallavi’s best performance in her career
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  • ‘Gargi’ Movie Review. Sai Pallavi’s best performance in her career

    ‘Gargi’ Movie Review. Sai Pallavi’s best performance in her career

    July 23, 2022

    ‘Gargi’ starring Sai Pallavi in ​​the lead role was released in theaters today in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages. Rana in Telugu, Suriya in Tamil and Rakshit Shetty in Kannada presented this movie. The movie gained a lot of attention from the audience with its early glimpses. Gautham Ramachandran is in the charge of this film. Govind Vasant composed the music. 

    Sai Pallavi, the actress who bought respect to the word ‘Heroine’

    Let’s find out what this movie is all about.


    Gargi (Sai ​​Pallavi) a young woman from a middle class family. She works as a school teacher. Her father Brahmanandam (RS Shivaji) works as a watchman in an apartment. But one day a 9-year-old girl is raped in the apartment. As a result, the police arrested 60-year-old Brahmanandam, who was working as a watchman. Gargi, who firmly believes that her father is innocent, starts a legal battle to free him. Will Gargi be able to prove her father’s innocence? Yes, but how? Who are the true culprits? To find out the answers, you must see the film.


    The movie’s trailer made it abundantly clear that a court dispute is central to the story. The drama’s emotional roller coaster that director Ramachandran attempted to create is successful. On her shoulders, Sai Pallavi carries the entire movie. The recent rapes of girls, the tension between the accused and the families of the victims, and how the media has gone too far with them have all been displayed really well.The emotional agony and discrimination experienced by the victim’s family members due to their unjust conviction are brilliantly shown in the film. From the very beginning, the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. We immediately enter the major plot after Gargi’s introduction and her father’s accusation. However, the narrative seemed to sag a little bit after Gargi’s father was taken into custody. The events that take place in the courtroom, aside from the debates, appear fairly natural. The conclusion comes as a surprise. The chief justice is depicted by a transgender person, which is a standout aspect in the film.


    Sai Pallavi moved the hearts of the audience in another important role in Gargi. Watching her in emotional scenes made it impossible to remain cold. One of her best roles thus far in her career. Kaali Venkat as a lawyer and RS Shivaji as Gargi’s father gave good performances. The roles of the other actors were also good.

    Sai Pallavi, the actress who bought respect to the word ‘Heroine’

    Technical aspects:

    The compelling narrative with societal concerns by director Gautham Ramachandran is executed brilliantly. The music by Govind Vasant is a great addition to the film. The praise for the cinematography of Streyanti and Premakrishna is due. Fafiq Mohammad Ali’s editing was superb. The production values ​​were rich.


    Sai Pallavi


    Climax Sequences


    The masala movie audience may feel it as a lagging plot

    Rating: 3/5

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