Inspector Rishi OTT: A crime thriller series making waves on OTT, trending nationally!
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  • Inspector Rishi OTT: A crime thriller series making waves on OTT, trending nationally!

    Inspector Rishi OTT: A crime thriller series making waves on OTT, trending nationally!

    April 5, 2024

    OTT platforms often see a surge in viewership for genres such as crime, horror, suspense, and thriller. Films and series within these genres quickly attract a large audience once they gain a little traction. Against this backdrop, Naveen Chandra‘s new crime thriller web series has emerged. “Inspector Rishi,” starring Naveen Chandra and available on Amazon, is swiftly climbing the charts. The series is garnering significant interest from OTT watchers. Let’s delve into what makes this series so engaging.

    Trending Nationwide

    Directed by Nandini JS, the web series “Inspector Rishi” features Naveen Chandra in the lead role as ‘Inspector Rishi,’ unraveling a string of murders in a forest setting. The cast includes Sunaina Ella, Sreekrishna Dayal, Elango Kumaravel, Kanna Ravi, and Malini Jeevarathnam, among others, in pivotal roles. Since its launch on Amazon Prime on March 29, the series has captured a vast audience, quickly becoming the most-watched show in India on the platform. With its ascent to the top spot, it has surpassed recent movies and series, drawing viewers with its compelling storyline and positive reviews.

    What’s the Story?

    Set against the backdrop of Thenkadu, a lush forest 50 kilometers from Coimbatore, home to a tribe living in close communion with nature, the series begins with a chilling discovery. The body of a photographer named Robert is found suspended, bizarrely entangled in a spider’s web, igniting a web of suspicions. Enter Inspector Rishi (portrayed by Naveen Chandra), who takes on the task of demystifying this enigma. His investigations reveal a disturbing pattern of similar deaths in the past. As he delves deeper, the presence of a shadowy entity lurking in the forest looms over, spreading a veil of terror. The quest to crack the case leads Rishi through a maze of challenges. The narrative weaves questions that hook the audience: How will Rishi piece together this puzzle? What hurdles lie in his path? The enigma of bodies found ensnared in spider webs, the nature of the shadowy forest dweller—be it a demon or a deity—and its tie to the string of murders, unravel as the core of the plot.

    Thrilling Twists

    This series, steeped in the genres of crime, thriller, and mystery, masterfully keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The director has woven the narrative with no shortage of suspense and unexpected turns, ensuring that each of the 10 episodes is replete with intrigue. The tension escalates without waning, culminating in a gripping horror-thriller ride. Naveen Chandra shines in the role of Inspector Rishi, and Sunaina, portraying a forest guard, offers an authentic and captivating portrayal. The background score flawlessly enhances the atmosphere, while the stunning forest locales are a visual treat, with the cinematography earning well-deserved accolades. For those yet to dive into “Inspector Rishi,” this weekend presents the perfect opportunity to immerse in a truly enthralling experience. Rating : 3/5

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