Kaatera OTT: The Kannada Blockbuster That Gave Tough Competition to ‘Salaar’ Now in Telugu
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  • Kaatera OTT: The Kannada Blockbuster That Gave Tough Competition to ‘Salaar’ Now in Telugu

    Kaatera OTT: The Kannada Blockbuster That Gave Tough Competition to ‘Salaar’ Now in Telugu

    April 15, 2024

    Regardless of language, Telugu audiences embrace movies with good content. This has led to the release of numerous films from Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam industries in Telugu, both in theaters and on OTT platforms. For instance, Malayalam films like ‘Premam’ and ‘Manjummel Boys’ have also become hits in Telugu. Recently, the Kannada blockbuster ‘Kaatera’ was released in Telugu and is now available on OTT. What is the story of this movie? Where is it streaming? Let’s find out.

    Where is Streaming?

    Last year, the Kannada film ‘Kaatera‘ was released as a competitor to Prabhas’s ‘Salaar’ and garnered significant acclaim. Directed by Tarun Sudhir, with Darshan as the lead and Aradhana Ram as the heroine, this film rained collections at the box office. It has been released on the major OTT platform Zee5 in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. Originally, the Kannada version of the movie started streaming on Zee5 from February 9. The buzz created around this film nationwide sparked interest from speakers of other languages too. Consequently, Zee5 has now released the film in Hindi and other South Indian languages as well.

    Struggle Against Caste Discrimination

    Director Tarun Sudhir skillfully crafted this movie, intertwining a beautiful love story with land reforms and caste discrimination. Particularly, the film showcases the intense caste discrimination prevalent in society during the 1970s. Upper castes treating lower castes as untouchables is vividly portrayed for the current generation. Especially through certain scenes and dialogues, the director reveals how difficult life was for some communities back then. The dialogues specifically targeting caste discrimination will make everyone think. However, there were criticisms at that time accusing the director of targeting a particular upper caste intentionally.

    Minted money at the Box Office

    Set against the backdrop of the 1970s, this periodic action entertainer brought a shower of collections at the box office, running to full houses for many days. This movie grossed over ₹64.05 crores, proving its mettle in the Kannada industry. This film gave a tough competition to Prabhas’s movie ‘Salaar’ in Kannada. With the Telugu version now available, OTT audiences are eager to watch this film.


    Kaatera (Darshan), serving a jail sentence for killing a landlord named Devaraya, is released on parole. Many attempts are made to kill Kaatera after his release. Who are they? Why was Kaatera in jail for working as a blacksmith in the village of Bhimanhalli? How did Prabhavathi (Aaradhana Ram), who married Kaatera opposing the elders, die? How did Kaatera and Prabhavathi fight to secure land rights for the farmers who had been cultivating in Bhimanhalli for many years? That is the story.

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 3.5/5

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