Konidela Pawan Kalyan Ane Nenu: Pawan’s Oath Ceremony Reminiscent of Baahubali… Chiranjeevi Overjoyed!
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  • Konidela Pawan Kalyan Ane Nenu: Pawan’s Oath Ceremony Reminiscent of Baahubali… Chiranjeevi Overjoyed!

    Konidela Pawan Kalyan Ane Nenu: Pawan’s Oath Ceremony Reminiscent of Baahubali… Chiranjeevi Overjoyed!

    June 12, 2024

    The swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet in Andhra Pradesh was held with great pomp and splendor. Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced the event as the chief guest. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, and key leaders from TDP, Janasena, and BJP, along with celebrities and activists, were in attendance. Chandrababu Naidu was sworn in first as the new Chief Minister, followed by the other ministers. Right after Naidu’s oath, Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan took his oath declaring “Pawan Ane Nenu,” marking the occurrence of some extraordinary events. Let’s now look at what special occurrences took place.

    Like a Scene from Baahubali:

    As the Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan took his oath in a ceremony in Vijayawada, administered by Governor Justice Abdul Nazeer. When Pawan Kalyan was taking his oath, everyone in the venue stood up and applauded, filling the place with chants of joy. The atmosphere was electrifying as soon as the Janasena leader declared “Pawan Ane Nenu,” reminiscent of a scene from the movie Baahubali where Prabhas takes an oath as the commander of the army.

    Chiru Shed Tears of Joy:

    During Pawan Kalyan’s oath-taking as a minister, his brother, megastar Chiranjeevi, was visibly moved, overwhelmed with joy for his brother’s achievement. After the ceremony, Pawan greeted all the guests on stage and then went to Chiranjeevi, paying respects by touching his feet, showing his humility despite his status. Chiranjeevi then warmly embraced Pawan, which was a touching moment for everyone present.

    Unique Confluence:

    Another interesting incident occurred during the swearing-in ceremony of Nara Chandrababu. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who attended as a chief guest, warmly greeted megastar Chiranjeevi. Earlier, Pawan had mentioned his brother to Modi, prompting Modi to immediately notice Chiranjeevi and join him. They engaged in a brief conversation, after which the Mega brothers greeted the crowd, sparking joy in the venue. This event became viral among Mega fans.

    Celebrity Buzz:

    Many celebrities attended Chandrababu’s oath-taking ceremony. Superstar Rajanikanth sat next to Chiru on stage, while Mega Power Star Ram Charan was also a special attraction at the event, engaging in conversation with Nara Lokesh’s wife, Brahmani. Visuals related to this also stirred up excitement online. Nandamuri Balakrishna, having won as an MLA from Hindupur on behalf of TDP, also added to the event’s liveliness, along with young heroes Nikhil and Nara Rohith who participated in the ceremony.

    23 New Ministers:

    The new government of Andhra Pradesh was inaugurated with Chandrababu Naidu as Chief Minister. Pawan Kalyan, Lokesh, and a total of 23 ministers took oath, with 19 from TDP, three from Janasena, and one from BJP. Over half the ministers are newcomers, including three women. Opportunities were given to eight BCs, two SCs, one ST, one from the Muslim minority, and one from the Vaishya community. Four Kapus, four Kamma, and three Reddy community leaders were also appointed as ministers.

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