Kotabommali PS Review: ‘Kota Bommali’ Brings to Life the Struggles of Policemen. Is the Movie a Hit?
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  • Kotabommali PS Review: ‘Kota Bommali’ Brings to Life the Struggles of Policemen. Is the Movie a Hit?

    Kotabommali PS Review: ‘Kota Bommali’ Brings to Life the Struggles of Policemen. Is the Movie a Hit?

    November 24, 2023

    Cast: Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar, Murali Sharma, Benarjee, Praveen, and others.

    Director: Teja Marni

    Music: Ranjin Raj, Midhun Mukundan

    Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati

    Production House: Geetha Arts

    Producers: Bunny Vasu, Vidya

    Release Date: November 24, 2023

    Famous actor Srikanth, well-recognized as a family hero, continues to charm in his second innings with a string of films. He picks diverse stories to captivate the audience. His key role in the movie Kotabommali PS’ directed by Teja Marni has been noteworthy. Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar played significant roles in this film, which is a remake of the Malayalam National Award-winning movie ‘Nayattu’. Did this film impress the Telugu audience? Did Srikanth add another hit to his list? Did Shivani Rajashekar achieve her first success? Let’s see.


    Three constables (Srikanth, Shivani, Rahul Vijay) working at Kotabommali Police Station get entangled in a case for a crime they didn’t commit. They become victims of the heinous actions of senior police officials and political leaders and are forced to go into hiding. The government sends officer Varalaxmi to catch them, leading to a situation where police are chasing their own. Why did this situation arise? What did Srikanth, Vijay, and Shivani do to evade Varalaxmi? Did they get caught in the end? That’s the story.


    Srikanth delivers a splendid performance. After a long time, he played a deep character. Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar also breathed life into their roles with their acting. Murali Sharma’s acting is a plus for the film. The rest of the artists performed well within their roles.


    Director Teja Marni deserves praise for choosing the major issue faced by police as the film’s theme. He beautifully depicted the troubles of police families and how police are manipulated by politicians. However, the constant chasing scenes throughout the movie can feel a bit boring. The story is good, but the screenplay could have been better handled. Some scenes feel dragged and could have been trimmed for a better impact. Overall, the director’s work is commendable.


    Regarding technical aspects, the music by Ranjin Raj is excellent, especially the song ‘Lingidi Lingidi’ which received a great response. The background score is also a major plus for the movie. Jagadeesh’s cinematography is captivating. The editor could have been more stringent with the cutting, which would have benefited the film. The production values are also top-notch.


    • Story
    • Acting of the lead characters
    • Music


    • Screenplay
    • Boring scenes

    Rating: 3/5

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