Lal Salaam Movie Review: Rajnikanth shines in a Cinematic Pitch of Unity and Rivalry
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  • Lal Salaam Movie Review: Rajnikanth shines in a Cinematic Pitch of Unity and Rivalry

    Lal Salaam Movie Review: Rajnikanth shines in a Cinematic Pitch of Unity and Rivalry

    February 9, 2024

    Cast: Rajinikanth, Vishnu Vishal, Vikranth, Kapil Dev, Nirosha Radha, Senthil, Jeevitha, Thambi Ramesh, and others

    Director: Aishwarya Rajinikanth

    Music: A.R. Rahman

    Cinematography: Vishnu Rangaswamy

    Producer: Subaskaran Allirajah

    Release Date: February 9, 2024

    In the latest film ‘Lal Salaam‘ starring superstar Rajinikanth in the lead role, his daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth takes the director’s chair. Produced by Lyca Productions, the film also stars Vishnu Vishal, Vikranth, and features a guest appearance by former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev. Set against a cricket backdrop, this action movie hit theaters today. Actress Jeevitha Rajasekhar makes her re-entry with this film. Let’s see how the movie is and whether Rajinikanth has once again impressed with his performance, delivering success to his daughter’s directorial venture.


    Tiru (Vishnu Vishal) and Moiuddin Bhai’s (Rajinikanth) son, Shamshuddin, have been rivals since childhood. They are key players in the ‘Three Star’ Cricket team established by Moiuddin Bhai. Jealous of Tiru’s success, some conspire to make him leave the team and start a new one. Thus, Tiru establishes the MCC team. However, these teams represent two different religions (Hindu – Muslim), turning their match in the village into an event reminiscent of an India-Pakistan match. A crucial match turns the lives of Tiru and Shamshu, putting Shamshu’s dream of playing for the national team in jeopardy. What happened in that match? How did Moiuddin Bhai unite the divided village and teams is the story.

    Performance Analysis

    Even in a special role in ‘Lal Salaam,’ Rajinikanth (Lal Salaam Movie Review In Telugu) completely dominates the narrative. Once again, he impresses with his remarkable acting skills. As a father to a son and a religious leader, Rajinikanth lived in the character of Moiuddin Bhai. Despite his brief appearance, Rajinikanth became the backbone of the film. Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth, as rivals, delivered captivating performances, appearing as professional cricketers on screen. Former Indian captain Kapil Dev’s guest appearance was a pleasant surprise for the audience. Nirosha Radha, Senthil, Jeevitha, Thambi Ramesh, and others performed well within their roles.

    Direction Analysis

    Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s choice to base the film on two different religions was bold. She tailored the story to reflect current political and social scenarios. Although she chose a powerful subject, her presentation of the storyline and the connection between Vishnu and Vikranth’s scenes lacked clarity. Rajinikanth’s character duration was notably short, and extending his presence would have added value to the film. The highlight of the film is its dialogues, especially Rajinikanth’s lines representing Muslims, asserting they are citizens of this country, which garnered applause in theaters.


    On the technical front , A.R. Rahman’s music is a major plus for the movie. The background score by Rahman, especially the elevations given to Rajinikanth’s character, is captivating. Rahman’s BGM elevates Rajinikanth’s role significantly. Vishnu Rangaswamy’s cinematography is commendable, and the production values are of high quality.

    Plus Points

    • Story and narration
    • Rajinikanth’s acting
    • Music

    Minus Points

    • Lack of clarity in scenes
    • Dragged scenes Rating: 3/5

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