Liger has a 2+ IMDB rating, why the movie was panned so badly?
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  • Liger has a 2+ IMDB rating, why the movie was panned so badly?

    Liger has a 2+ IMDB rating, why the movie was panned so badly?

    August 26, 2022

    The Liger movie, which was released yesterday, had a lot going for it; audiences were incredibly thrilled and eager to see it. However, it was such a letdown that both critics and the general public derided it as soon as it was released. Many people have referred to the movie as one of the worst movies they have ever seen, and it has a 2 out of 10 rating on IMDb, which reflects how poorly it was received. So why did the movie receive such a poor review?

    Overconfidence of Vijay Devarakonda & Team

    My counting will start from 200Cr for Liger’, says Vijay Deverakonda

    ‘Watch the movie or if you don’t wish to then don’t watch’ says Vijay Deverakonda

    ‘Liger will be Cult Movie’ says Vijay Devarakonda

    The overconfidence of Vijay Devarakonda was one of the key causes of the film Liger’s unfavorable reviews. Vijay started thinking the movie would be a huge success because he was so confident in his own work, but he forgot the fundamental principle that movies only succeed when a team of people works together to make them.

    In addition, many people felt that the film was poorly written and filmed and merely a remake of several other sports or boxing movies. Liger was therefore a tremendous letdown and, if it doesn’t improve, could be deemed a disaster of the year 2022.

    Movie makers forgot the Roots

    The roots of a film are one of its most crucial components, and it appears that the filmmakers of Liger forgot about them. Many viewers had the impression that they were watching a Hindi film that had been dubbed into Telugu. Although the story was set in Telangana and collections from Telugu ‘Liger movie’ were intended to bring in more money for the film, the producers chose to ignore the fundamental rule of “don’t forget the roots,” which ended up costing them greatly. The lack of Telugu nativity in the songs or scenes made the Telugu audience feel duped, and they literally told the movie reviewers on their faces that they didn’t like the film.

    Movie Lacked Soul

    One of the primary issues with the film is that it lacks soul and that there isn’t a compelling conflict or any deserving obstacles in the way of the protagonist achieving his goals. It appears to be a cheap imitation of more worthwhile films. The plot is weak, and the characters are one-dimensional. Because of this, it is difficult to become immersed in the characters or the plot. The director concentrated primarily on showing Vijay Devrakonda in the best way possible and he thought that Vijay Devrakonda’s physical transformation should be sufficient for the movie’s success.

    Aiming too High

    The fact that the ‘Liger movie’ aims too high is one of the key reasons why it received such poor reviews. The producers aimed too high, they added Mike Tyson to the cast but didn’t use him well, and it appeared that they didn’t have a solid plot beforehand because they kept changing it based on who was added to the movie. The intention was there, but it appeared that because it was too strong, they had to make some sacrifices that negatively affected them.

    Too glossy, Less Meat

    The film was derided by critics for being excessively shiny and lacking substance. They believed the plot to be thin and the characters to be one-dimensional. Additionally, they believed that the movie lacked much originality and had too high production values. They believed the film failed to truly stand out and was simply a remake of other films in the genre. Overall, Liger was a mess of a movie that failed to live up to its potential.

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