Love Mouli Review: Bolder Scenes Than Arjun Reddy?
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  • Love Mouli Review: Bolder Scenes Than Arjun Reddy?

    Love Mouli Review: Bolder Scenes Than Arjun Reddy?

    June 8, 2024

    Cast: Navdeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Charvi Dutta, Mirchi Hemanth, Bhavana Saagi, Mirchi Kiran, Akshay Dogra, among others.

    Director: Avaneendra

    Music Director: Govind Vasantha

    Cinematography: Ajay Shivashankar

    Editing: Avaneendra

    Production Company: C Space

    Release Date: June 7, 2024

    Directed by Avaneendra and starring Navdeep, ‘Love Mouli‘ features Pankhuri Gidwani and Bhavana Saagi as the lead heroines, with production by C Space. Known for its innovative “Navdeep 2.0” promotions, the film was released in theaters on June 7. Did ‘Love Mouli’ achieve success for Navdeep? How well did it captivate the youth? Let’s explore these questions in this review.


    Growing up alone due to his parents’ separation, Mouli (Navdeep) develops into a loner and loses faith in love. He makes a living by painting, but a series of dramatic events lead him to encounter an ascetic (Rana Daggubati), who bestows upon him a magical paintbrush. With this brush, Mouli gains the power to create the girl of his dreams based on specific characteristics he desires. As a result, Chitra (Pankhuri Gidwani) materializes from one of his paintings. Their relationship initially flourishes but eventually hits a rough patch leading to a breakup. Curiously, when Mouli uses the brush again, Chitra reappears. Why did this happen? What caused their love to break apart? How does Mouli discover the true meaning of love? Did Mouli and Chitra end up together or not? This is the story.


    Navdeep appears in a new avatar as Mouli, showcasing a fresh aspect of his acting skills. He delivers a career-best performance, captivating audiences as a young man who lives freely, unbound by societal norms. Pankhuri Gidwani impresses in a significant role, showcasing her versatility and adding glamour to her performance. Rana, in a guest role as Aghora, surprises everyone with his appearance. The rest of the cast delivers convincing performances within their roles.


    Director Avaneendra targets the youth with a bold love story in ‘Love Mouli’, exploring the concept of a young man gaining the power to create his ideal woman. The narrative is filled with lip-locks and bold scenes, attempting to maintain a romantic vibe. Although the beginning may feel a bit slow, the real story begins when Chitra enters Mouli’s life. However, the scenes and conflicts between the leads can seem routine. Some unnecessary bold scenes might bore the audience, and the climax is handled quite ordinarily. Overall, the director provides a good experience with Navdeep’s acting, beautiful locations, and stunning visuals.


    Talking about the technical aspects, the music by Govind Vasantha is decent. Director Avaneendra, also serving as the editor, could have tightened the editing to eliminate unnecessary scenes. Cinematographer Ajay Shivashankar did an excellent job, capturing the visuals naturally and beautifully. The production values are commendable.


    – Acting by Navdeep and Pankhuri Gidwani

    – Emotional scenes

    – Music


    – Lackluster narrative

    – Boring scenes Rating: 2.5/5

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