Market Mahalakshmi Review: ‘Market Mahalakshmi’ Delivers a Strong Message
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  • Market Mahalakshmi Review: ‘Market Mahalakshmi’ Delivers a Strong Message

    Market Mahalakshmi Review: ‘Market Mahalakshmi’ Delivers a Strong Message

    April 19, 2024

    Cast:  Parvateesam, Praneeka Anvikaa, Harsha Vardhan, Mahboob Basha, Mukku Avinash, Kedar Shankar, and others.

    Director:  VS Mukesh

    Music:  Joe Enmav

     Background Music:  Srujana Shashank

     Cinematography:  Surendra Chilumula

     Editor:  Vishwanath Koochanapalli

     Producer:  Akhilesh Kalaru

     Release Date:  April 19, 2024

    The new movie ‘Market Mahalakshmi,’ featuring ‘Kerintha‘ fame Parvateesam and directed by VS Mukesh, introduces Praneeka Anvikaa in her debut role as the heroine. Produced by Akhilesh Kalaru, the film also features key performances from Harshavardhan, Mahboob Basha, and Mukku Avinash. The trailers and teasers released earlier have already piqued the audience’s interest. With the film’s release on Friday (April 19), the question remains: how has it performed? Has it managed to captivate the audience? Let’s find out.

     What’s the Story? 

    Kedar Shankar, a clerk in a government office, goes to great lengths to turn his son (Parvateesam) into a software engineer earning a substantial salary. He attempts to marry him to a woman who can offer a dowry of one crore. However, Parvateesam falls in love with Mahalakshmi, a market vendor selling vegetables, who rejects his advances. Determined to win her over, Parvateesam resolves to stay in the market. Will Mahalakshmi consent to marry him? What’s her family background? Why does Parvateesam, a software engineer, fall for Mahalakshmi? How does Kedar Shankar react upon discovering his son’s romantic endeavors? This is the crux of the story.

     How Did They Perform? 

    Parvateesam delivered a commendable performance as the software engineer, showing significant improvement over his previous roles. Praneeka Anvikaa seamlessly embodied the character of Market Mahalakshmi, confidently handling the role in her debut film. Mukku Avinash brought humor to his role as Parvateesam’s friend, and Mahboob Basha elicited laughs playing an alcohol addict, also charming as the heroine’s brother. Jay, Padma, Kedar Shankar, and Harshavardhan, along with other actors, have effectively captured the essence of their characters.

     How’s the Direction? 

    Director VS Mukesh presents a fresh take on romance in this film, exploring the dynamics between an independent woman and a software engineer. The movie commendably highlights the theme of women’s empowerment. However, the protagonist’s attempts to win over Mahalakshmi come across as somewhat conventional. The film had potential for more comedic moments that were not fully explored by the director. The second half of the movie is strengthened by powerful scenes, enhancing its impact. Thought-provoking dialogues are sprinkled throughout, and the compelling message delivered in the climax captures the audience’s attention.

     Technically Speaking 

    Technically, Joe Enmav’s music composition is satisfactory, while Srujana Shashank’s background score effectively enhances the scenes, significantly contributing to the film’s atmosphere. The cinematography is fitting, with beautifully crafted montage shots that vividly capture the market scenes. The editing is adequate, and the production values are impressive, adding a polished look to the film.

     Plus Points 

    – Acting of the lead actors

    – The message

    – Dialogues

     Minus Points 

    – Routine love track

    – Dragging scenes Rating: 2.5/5 

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