My Dear Donga Movie Review: Abhinav Gomatam Dazzles in the movie with Comedy
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  • My Dear Donga Movie Review: Abhinav Gomatam Dazzles in the movie with Comedy

    My Dear Donga Movie Review: Abhinav Gomatam Dazzles in the movie with Comedy

    April 20, 2024

    Cast: Abhinav Gomatam, Shalini Kandepudi, Divya Sripada, Nikhil Gajul, Shashank Manduri, Vamshidhar Goud

    Director: BS Sarvajna Kumar

    Writer: Shalini Kondepu

    Music: Ajay Arasada

    Editor: Sai Murali

    Cinematography: SS Manoj

    Producer: Maheshwar Reddy Gojal

    Streaming Platform: Aha

    Comedian Abhinav Gomatam stars in the main role in ‘My Dear Donga‘, with Shalini Kandepudi playing another key role. This film targets OTT audiences and is streaming on the popular OTT platform Aha. So, how is the movie? Does it entertain OTT viewers or not? Let’s examine it in this review.

    What’s the story?

    Sujatha (Shalini) and Doctor Vishal (Nikhil Gajul) are in a relationship. Initially, everything seems perfect, but soon Sujatha notices a change in Vishal; he becomes constantly busy and distant. During this time, Suresh (Abhinav Gomatam) breaks into her apartment intending to steal. Concurrently, Vishal, planning to celebrate Shalini’s birthday, shows up with his friends. After talking with Vishal earlier, Sujatha introduces him to her friends as an old childhood friend. Despite knowing Suresh is a thief, Sujatha forms a friendship with him. Why does she choose to befriend Suresh? What are their family backgrounds? And why does Vishal end up going to the police station?

    How did they perform?

    Actress Shalini effectively drives the narrative, seamlessly fitting into the role of Sujatha and particularly shining with her expressive performance in key scenes. Abhinav consistently brings humor to the film with his comedic timing. Nikhil is well-suited as Doctor Vishal, who is in love with Sujatha. Divya Sripada, Shashank as her romantic interest, and Vamshidhar Goud as a waiter, all deliver solid performances.

    How’s the direction?

    Director BS Sarvajna Kumar aims to capture the mindset of contemporary lovers with his distinctive approach. The film begins at a leisurely pace, focusing on Sujatha’s employment woes, her friendships, and her romantic involvement with Vishal, but the pace intensifies once Suresh enters Sujatha’s apartment. The comedy track featuring Abhinav Gomatam is a highlight, designed to elicit laughs from the audience. However, the way Sujatha and Suresh discuss their family backgrounds tends to muddle the storyline. The emotional sequences could have packed a greater punch. Despite this, the director has skillfully kept the film family-friendly, avoiding any crassness often masked as humor. Yet, some may find the narrative’s slow progression slightly tedious.


    Speaking of the technical department, the music, cinematography, and editing are adequate. The production values are also suitable for the film.

    Plus Points

    – Acting of Shalini, Abhinav Gomatam

    – Comedy scenes

    Minus Points

    – Slow-paced narrative Rating: 3/5

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