My Name Is Shruthi Movie Review: Hansika’s Compelling Performance
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  • My Name Is Shruthi Movie Review: Hansika’s Compelling Performance

    My Name Is Shruthi Movie Review: Hansika’s Compelling Performance

    November 17, 2023

    Cast: Hansika, Muralisharma, Naren, Jayaprakash, Vinodini, Saiteja, Pooja Ramachandran, Prema, Praveen, Rajeev Kankala, etc.

    Director: Srinivas Omkar

    Cinematography: Kishore Boidapu

    Music: Mark K Robin

    Producer: Burugu Ramya Prabhakar

    Production Company: Vaishnavi Arts

    Release Date: 17 November 2023

    Hansika, a prominent actress in Tollywood, known for her roles alongside stars like Bunny, Ram, and Nitin, returns with “My Name is Shruti”. This film marks her comeback in Telugu cinema after a hiatus, carrying high expectations for success. Let’s delve into whether this film has been a triumphant return for Hansika.

    The Story

    The film revolves around Shruti (Hansika), an ad agency employee raised by her grandfather and mother after her father’s early demise. Her seemingly smooth life with her love, Charan (Sai Teja), takes a dramatic turn when she inadvertently gets entangled in MLA Gurumurthy’s (Naren) criminal activities within the skin mafia. The story unfolds Shruti’s discovery of Gurumurthy’s heinous deeds and her subsequent struggles. The intricacies of the skin mafia and Shruti’s counteractions form the core of the narrative.

    Performance Analysis

    Hansika Motwani delivers a commendable performance as Shruti. She skillfully portrays the nuances of her character in both romantic and intense scenes. Pooja Ramachandran stands out with her impressive acting skills. Prema, a former lead actress, returns in a multifaceted role. Naren fits comfortably into his role as a leader, while Muralisharma, Jayaprakash, and Praveen contribute effectively in their respective parts.

    Directorial Perspective

    Director Srinivas Om Kar explores the leather business’s darker side. The film begins with a promising premise of skin grafting but falters in character development and backstory unfolding. The non-linear storytelling approach, alternating between different time frames, tends to confuse rather than clarify. Emotional depth in crucial scenes is lacking, although the second half’s twists engage the audience.

    Technical Aspects

    From a technical standpoint, the film is commendable. Mark K. Robin’s music adds a distinct flavor to the movie, and Kishore’s cinematography is noteworthy. However, the production values don’t quite match the film’s level.


    • Hansika’s acting
    • Engaging plot twists
    • Effective music score

    Areas of Improvement

    • Slower first half
    • Underdeveloped emotional arcs

    Rating: 2.5/5

    “My Name is Shruthi” showcases Hansika’s acting prowess, but the film struggles with pacing and emotional engagement, appealing more to viewers who appreciate a narrative with unexpected twists.

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