NBK 110: Announcement of the New Balayya-Boyapati Movie… Balayya’s Daughter in a Brand New Role!
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  • NBK 110: Announcement of the New Balayya-Boyapati Movie… Balayya’s Daughter in a Brand New Role!

    NBK 110: Announcement of the New Balayya-Boyapati Movie… Balayya’s Daughter in a Brand New Role!

    June 10, 2024

    In Tollywood, not only individual heroes but certain dynamic duos also have their own dedicated fan bases. One such admired combination is that of Balakrishna and Boyapati. Whenever a film from this duo is announced, it’s like a festival for the fans. Their previous trio of films has truly shaken the industry. Today (June 10), on the occasion of Balakrishna’s birthday, a new film featuring this combination has been announced, sending Nandamuri fans into a frenzy of joy.

    Under Balayya’s Daughter’s Presentation…

    Today (June 10), coinciding with Balayya’s birthday, a new film directed by Boyapati Srinu has been confirmed. It will be presented as ‘NBK 110’. The upcoming film of Balayya-Boyapati will be produced under the banner of 14 Reels Plus by Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta, who were partners in the production of the movie ‘Legend’. These producers have decided to make ‘NBK 110’ on a grand scale. Interestingly, Nandamuri Balakrishna’s younger daughter Tejaswini will be be the presenter for this movie.

    Shooting starts when?

    Expectations are already high for this upcoming film in the Balayya-Boyapati combination. Fans are eagerly waiting to know when the movie will start shooting. According to industry talks, ‘NBK 110’ is set to start regular shooting in August. Currently, Balakrishna is working with director Bobby on ‘NBK 109’. The final stage of shooting for this film has taken a brief break due to the AP elections. Balayya is planning to complete the remaining shooting and launch the Boyapati film soon.

    Boyapati Like No Other…

    The journey of Balakrishna-Boyapati, which began with the movie ‘Simha’, has delivered hat-trick successes in the industry. Nandamuri fans say that no other director knows as well as Boyapati what kind of stories and dialogues Balayya needs. Following ‘Simha’, their subsequent films ‘Legend’ and ‘Akhanda’ also followed in this vein, achieving great success. With the announcement of their fourth film together, fans are extremely happy, expecting this combo to shake the industry once again.

    Crazy Glimpses from ‘NBK109’

    As we know, Nandamuri Balakrishna and the young director Bobby are working on a movie titled NBK 109. Recently, the makers released birthday glimpses from this project. The glimpse started with the dialogue:”Devudu chaala manchodayyaa.. durmaargulaki kooda varaalisthaadu.. veella anthu choodaalante kaavalsindi.. jaali, daya, karuna ilaanti padaalaki arthaale teliyani asurudu”( “God is very kind, he even blesses the wicked… To see their end, one must lack pity, mercy, and compassion.” ) As soon as the dialogue ended, Balayya made his entry walking. At the end of the glimpse, the highlight scene featured Balayya on a horse. Overall, the NBK109 team has given a great treat for Balayya’s birthday. Check out the glimpse!

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