Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra are betting everything on “Saakini Daakini.”
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  • Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra are betting everything on “Saakini Daakini.”

    Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra are betting everything on “Saakini Daakini.”

    September 13, 2022

    Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra were once the two most talked-about actresses in Telugu films. But they are going through a difficult time in their professional lives. They have no substantial bids in the works. Their impending multistarrer “Saakini Daakini” is all they have to hope for.

    Let’s take a look into the careers of these actress

    Regina, who made her Telugu debut in the 2012 film “SMS,” won the hearts of Telugu youngsters with her charming performance. As the film was a success Regina snatched numerous offers in many films but her subsequent efforts did not end in success. She tried her luck in Tamil and Bollywood, but wasnt that successful there as well.. Regina Cassandra, however, always gave her all when playing a character. Although Regina Cassandra is working on a few small films in several languages, she doesn’t have a big project under her belt.

    Nivetha Thomas, a Malayali beauty, became the Telugu people’s dream lady following her Telugu debut film, “Gentleman (2016)”. Nivetha subsequently swept Tollywood by storm after signing a number of major projects. In contrast to Regina, she had success. Nivetha even co-starred in “Jai Lava Kusha” with Jr.NTR.  Everyone anticipated that Nivetha would soon become a huge star in Tollywood, but her career also declined due to a string of failures and a dearth of blockbuster films starring major heroes. Nivetha even appeared in Rajinikanth’s film “Darbar,” but even that role couldn’t turn things around for her. The actress from “Ninnu Kori” is more of a performance-oriented actress than a glamorous actress. She strictly stayed away from skin shows. She made a name for herself with her acting abilities. However, the movie business is an odd realm where you might be a celebrity today and become nobody tomorrow. Nivetha is not currently engaged in any new projects.

    These two gifted actresses have comparable professional graphs. They will put their futures to the test in the upcoming Sudheer Varma-directed and Suresh Productions-produced multi-starrer movie “Saakini Daakini.” Since the success of the movie may help both of these actors’ careers, they have high hopes for this endeavour.

    The crowd enjoyed the humour, action, and thrill elements in the “Saakini Daakini” trailer. The movie is scheduled to release on September 16. Let’s hope that this movie restores all of these amazing women’ former glory.

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