Pavithra Jayaram – Chandrakanth: The tragic deaths of Pavithra and Chandu are widely discussed. What is their love story?
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  • Pavithra Jayaram – Chandrakanth: The tragic deaths of Pavithra and Chandu are widely discussed. What is their love story?

    Pavithra Jayaram – Chandrakanth: The tragic deaths of Pavithra and Chandu are widely discussed. What is their love story?

    May 18, 2024

    Television actors Pavithra Jayaram and Chandrakanth(Chandu), have captured widespread attention in the Telugu regions following their tragic consecutive deaths. Pavithra Jayaram, known for her role in the serial “Trinayani,” recently died in a car accident. Overwhelmed by her loss, her boyfriend Chandrakanth took his own life the following Friday night. This sequence of events has sent shockwaves through the television community. Previously, both had been married to others, which has sparked further curiosity about their personal lives. What is the story behind their relationship? How did they come together? What can be told of their entire affair? This special report delves into these questions.

    Their Introduction in a Serial

    Those who don’t know Pavithra Jayaram and Chandrakanth might assume they were married because of their evident closeness. However, they were not legally married but had lived together for several years. Their initial meeting occurred on the set of the serial “Trinayani,” where their professional interaction blossomed into a romantic relationship. This bond deepened as they continued to work together in another serial, “Ninne Pelladatha.” Pavithra and Chandu had been in a live-in relationship for about five years and were planning to marry soon, but their plans were tragically cut short.

    How Did the Accident Happen?

    On a Sunday morning (May 12), while returning from Bangalore to Hyderabad, Pavithra Jayaram’s car was involved in an accident near Mahbubnagar, resulting in her death. Chandu was also in the car and, though he survived with injuries, witnessing Pavithra’s death devastated him. Overwhelmed by grief, Chandu fell into a deep depression. He shared with the media his profound sorrow, wishing that he had died in her place. He also expressed frustration over the delayed arrival of the ambulance, which he believed contributed to Pavithra’s death from a heart attack, as confirmed by doctors.

    Shocking Truths About the Accident

    After Pavithra’s death, Chandrakanth shared shocking details in an interview. “We had traveled to Bangalore to sign a contract for a Kannada film. After receiving some advance payment, we were on our way back to Hyderabad. Pavithra and I were seated in the back of the car, and her niece was next to the driver. During an attempt by a bus to overtake us, our car collided with the divider. I was the only one injured. Although Pavithra was physically unharmed, she went into shock seeing me covered in blood. The delay in the ambulance’s arrival led to her death. She could have been saved if help had arrived sooner,” he recounted.

    Days Leading to the Suicide

    Struggling to deal with Pavithra’s death, Chandrakanth had resolved to end his life two days before, a decision that coincided with Pavithra’s birthday, deepening his depression. He alluded to his intentions in an Instagram post, writing, “Wait two days…” which led followers to suspect he was signaling his suicide plan. He continued to post memories of their times together, sharing his anguish. Three days before taking his life, he posted, “Good morning, Dad… It’s time for the gym… Our gym coach just called… Love you, Dad,” reflecting his profound emotional turmoil.

    Suicide by Hanging

    Stricken by grief, Chandrakanth hanged himself in his apartment in Manikonda Municipality’s Alkapur Road, number 20. His friends, unable to reach him despite multiple calls, visited his flat and found him dead. His father, Chenna Venkatesh, filed a police complaint, and an investigation is underway.

    Chandrakanth’s Wife & Father Reacts

    Chandrakanth married a woman named Shilpa in 2015, with whom he had two children. Reacting to his suicide, Shilpa stated, “Chandu proposed to me and we got married. He eventually left me and our children for Pavithra, with whom he was in a deep relationship. Ever since her sudden passing, he was plunged into depression. Three days ago, he ended his life. The day before he died, he posted on Instagram, ‘Pavithra, I’m coming to you.’ When he didn’t answer our calls, we sent people over to his apartment. They had to break in and found him after he had committed suicide..”

    Chandrakanth’s father spoke to the media about his son’s death, “From the time he was involved with Pavithra, he stopped visiting us. He hadn’t been home in the last five years. He came home three days after Pavithra died and said, ‘I am going to Pavithra.’ We tried to stop him. He left the house yesterday morning saying he was going to pick up something and didn’t respond to calls afterward.

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