Payal Rajput: Harassment in the Industry.
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  • Payal Rajput: Harassment in the Industry.

    Payal Rajput: Harassment in the Industry.

    May 21, 2024

    Actress Payal Rajput, who first gained widespread attention in Tollywood with ‘RX100‘, has appeared in multiple films thereafter, yet none have rivaled the success of her debut. Recently, she returned to the limelight with the film ‘Mangalavaaram‘, reuniting with the director of ‘RX100’. Her role in this movie garnered positive reviews. Additionally, she made headlines with a post revealing her experiences with harassment in the industry, sparking significant discussion within the film community.

    What exactly happened!

    In 2020, Payal Rajput was cast in the movie ‘Rakshan’, which has yet to be released due to various delays. The producers have now set a release date of June 7. Payal has made serious allegations stating she has not received her payment for the film and that the producers are pressuring her to engage in promotional activities without clearing her dues. Despite her team’s objections, the producers continue to ignore their concerns and have even threatened to blacklist her from Telugu cinema. Furthermore, they are accused of tarnishing her reputation by misusing her name and speaking inappropriately about her in recent meetings. They plan to release the film without resolving the payment issues or obtaining her agreement, prompting her team to consider legal action against the film’s producers.

    ‘I Will Take Legal Action’

    Actress Payal shared a detailed message on her Instagram regarding harassment from the producers of ‘Rakshan’. She revealed in her post, “The film team has yet to pay me my remuneration. Given the success of my recent films, they want to leverage that but are insisting I participate in promotions without settling outstanding payments. My team has objected, but they are not taking heed. They’re threatening to ban me from Telugu cinema and are tarnishing my reputation by misusing my name. They have also made inappropriate comments about me in recent meetings. They plan to release the film without resolving the payment issues and without my permission. Consequently, my team is preparing to take legal action against the film’s producers,” stated Payal.

    Payal is Busy

    Following the success of ‘Mangalavaaram’, Payal Rajput is actively engaged in several film projects. She is working on the Tamil films ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Angel’, and is also involved in the Telugu film ‘Kirathaka’. All these films are currently under production. Additionally, the soon-to-be-released ‘Rakshan’ features Payal in the role of a police officer.

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