Pushpa 2 Second Single: Pushpa’s Duet with Srivalli… When is it releasing?
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  • Pushpa 2 Second Single: Pushpa’s Duet with Srivalli… When is it releasing?

    Pushpa 2 Second Single: Pushpa’s Duet with Srivalli… When is it releasing?

    May 23, 2024

    Among the most anticipated films in Tollywood is ‘Pushpa: The Rule’, a sequel to 2021 hit ‘Pushpa: The Rise’. The sequel is poised for a grand release on August 15th, on Independence Day, and excitement is mounting as the date nears. The film’s promotions are underway, and the title song of ‘Pushpa 2’ has recently been released, captivating audiences nationwide. Building on this momentum, the film unit has announced the upcoming release of the second single.

    When is it released?

    The production house Mythri Movie Makers has announced that the second single from ‘Pushpa 2‘ will be released. The song features a vibrant dance number by Bunny and Rashmika Mandanna, and promises to be a romantic hit that will captivate audiences. Following the sensational success of the recent title song “Pushpa Pushpa…”, anticipation is high. The makers have released a social media post revealing that Srivalli will join Sami in this release, sparking excitement online. The post is trending under the hashtag #Pushpa2SecondSingle, fueling the buzz for the upcoming song.

    Will it surpass the previous hit?

    The song “Na Sami Rara Sami” from the ‘Pushpa’ movie became a massive hit without needing much introduction. This romantic melody particularly captured the hearts of the youth. Rashmika Mandanna’s hook step in the song also became a sensation, inspiring countless young fans to create and trend reels on social media. Now, with the upcoming release of the second single from ‘Pushpa 2’, which is also a romantic track, expectations are soaring. Fans are hopeful that this new song will match the charm and appeal of “Na Sami Rara Sami”.

    Focus on the Item Song! (Pushpa 2 Item Song)

    Following the release of the title song of ‘Pushpa 2’, fans are now eagerly awaiting the romantic track set to release tomorrow (May 23). Meanwhile, attention is also shifting to the much-anticipated item song. The song “Oo Antava Mava Oo Oo Antava Mava” from the first ‘Pushpa’ film became a huge hit, known for Samantha and Allu Arjun’s energetic dance steps that electrified theaters. Fans are hopeful that ‘Pushpa 2’ will deliver the same level of thrill. There have been rumors that Bollywood star Disha Patani might perform in the item song of the sequel, but the film unit has yet to confirm her involvement or any other details. With the film’s release planned for August 15th, the makers are keen to finalize the song soon.

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