Ram Charan New Movie: A New Film with a Director Who Has Won Three National Awards!
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  • Ram Charan New Movie: A New Film with a Director Who Has Won Three National Awards!

    Ram Charan New Movie: A New Film with a Director Who Has Won Three National Awards!

    May 29, 2024

    Entering the industry as the son of Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan has established his own distinctive star status. Initially, Charan accepted roles that did not offer much opportunity to showcase his acting skills, but his performance in ‘Rangasthalam‘ truly demonstrated his talent. His role in ‘RRR‘ propelled him to the status of a pan-India star. Currently, he is generating significant buzz with ‘Game Changer’ under the direction of Shankar, which is garnering national attention. Additionally, he has announced upcoming projects with directors Buchi Babu and Sukumar. Recently, there have been reports that he has confirmed another project with a renowned Tamil director, which has greatly excited his fans.

    Who is the director?

    Reports indicate that Ram Charan is poised to collaborate on a movie with acclaimed Tamil director Vetrimaaran. There was significant speculation earlier about Vetrimaaran directing a film with NTR, but that project never came to fruition. Recently, industry insiders have noted that the Tamil director presented a story to Charan, which he was quite impressed with. Charan has recommended a few minor tweaks to the story, and it is expected that an official announcement regarding their collaboration will be made once these changes are finalized.

    Who is Vetrimaaran?

    Vetrimaaran’s films are celebrated in Tamil cinema for prioritizing narrative over star power. In his movies, the story is the protagonist. Films like ‘Aadukalam’, ‘Visaranai’, ‘Vada Chennai’, ‘Asuran’, and ‘Viduthalai’ showcase how central the narrative is, often eclipsing the performances of the actors. Vetrimaaran has helmed eight films to date, with three earning National Awards. Collaborating with such a director would indeed be a festive occasion for fans, and there’s no doubt it would represent a significant milestone in Ram Charan’s acting career.

    Must Wait Two More Years!

    Currently, Ram Charan is working on ‘Game Changer,’ directed by Tamil director Shankar. Following this, he is scheduled to work under the direction of Buchi Babu and has also committed to another project with Sukumar. It will be approximately two years before he can begin his collaboration with Vetrimaaran, as he needs to complete these two films first. Meanwhile, Vetrimaaran is busy directing ‘Viduthalai Part 2’ and is currently in the post-production phase. He is also crafting the story for another film titled ‘Garudan’. Only after these commitments are fulfilled will Vetrimaaran be able to fully concentrate on the Ram Charan project.

    Big Updates Nowhere to be Found!

    Anticipation is running high among fans for ‘Game Changer’, a film directed by Shankar featuring Ram Charan. Yet, despite being in production for three years, the only major update has been the release of a single song. Aside from sporadic leaks from the set, no official first looks of the characters have been unveiled. Despite these setbacks, producer Dil Raju is firmly committed to releasing the film this year. Kiara Advani stars as the female lead opposite Charan, with renowned actress Anjali appearing in a significant role.

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