Samantha Viral Post: Naga Chaitanya or Virat Kohli… Who is Samantha’s Post Really For!
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  • Samantha Viral Post: Naga Chaitanya or Virat Kohli… Who is Samantha’s Post Really For!

    Samantha Viral Post: Naga Chaitanya or Virat Kohli… Who is Samantha’s Post Really For!

    Star heroine Samantha is presently on hiatus from the film scene as she battles myositis. Though less active in cinema, she continues to dazzle on social media, consistently delighting her followers. She engages her audience by posting glamorous photos. Notably, one of her recent posts has piqued the interest of her fans, who are eager to uncover its significance. Let’s delve into the specifics of this intriguing post.

    What’s in the post?

    Star heroine Samantha’s recent Instagram post has stirred up considerable buzz in Tollywood. In the post, she expressed, “I want to see you win. Whatever your heart desires, Whatever aspirations you hold, I am rooting for you”. However, Samantha did not specify whom she was referring to, leading to widespread speculation among netizens. Many fans suspect the message might be directed towards Naga Chaitanya, prompting a flurry of reactions from his supporters. If their suspicions are correct, many agree it would be quite delightful.

    The real reason!

    Currently, IPL excitement is at its peak across the country. On this day, May 22, the second playoff features the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) going head-to-head with the Rajasthan Royals (RR). Sources close to Samantha indicate that her post was meant to show support for RCB’s success. RCB has yet to secure a championship win, and it’s clear she’s rooting for them to take the title this year. Analysts believe that if she had tagged RCB directly in her post, it could have cleared up any ambiguity.

    Virat’s Devotee

    Samantha stands out among actresses who are passionate about cricket. She has frequently shared her love for the game across various platforms and is a professed avid fan of Virat Kohli. Considering Kohli’s crucial role in RCB and the significance of the match, it is presumed that Samantha’s post was in support of him. Nevertheless, some fans speculate that the post might be more personal, hinting that further clarification from Samantha could shed light on its actual purpose.

    Samantha’s Movies

    Looking at Samantha’s recent work in film, she was last seen in ‘Kushi‘ alongside Vijay Deverakonda last year, a film that didn’t meet expectations. She also took a leading role in the web series ‘Citadel: Honey Bunny,’ which is slated for release on Amazon Prime Video soon. Presently, Samantha is both acting in and producing ‘Maa Inti Bangaram,’ a movie anticipated to premiere shortly.

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