Spirit Heroine: Star Heroine to Pair with Prabhas in ‘Spirit’ After a 16-Year Wait?
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  • Spirit Heroine: Star Heroine to Pair with Prabhas in ‘Spirit’ After a 16-Year Wait?

    Spirit Heroine: Star Heroine to Pair with Prabhas in ‘Spirit’ After a 16-Year Wait?

    February 27, 2024

    Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who created a sensation with his debut film ‘Arjun Reddy,’ has once again made waves on a national level with his latest film ‘Animal.’ Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna as the lead actors, this movie shook the Indian box office. This success has turned all eyes towards Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s next project. He had previously announced that he would be directing a movie titled ‘Spirit’ with Pan India star Prabhas. This news raised the expectations for their collaboration even before the start of the shoot. Recently, exciting news regarding the heroine of this movie has surfaced.

    Prabhas to Star Alongside a Star Heroine!

    The question of who would be the heroine in the upcoming ‘Spirit’ movie by Prabhas and Sandeep Reddy Vanga has been haunting fans for some time. There were rumors recently about Rashmika Mandanna, the national crush, playing opposite Prabhas. However, it now seems almost confirmed who will be the heroine in ‘Spirit.’ According to information, star heroine Trisha will be acting alongside Prabhas in this film. The renowned film site IMDB has listed Trisha as the heroine in the ‘Spirit’ movie cast section and mentioned her character’s name as ‘Geetha.’ Additionally, senior actor Anant Nag is also set to play a significant role in this film, as listed by IMDB on their site. This has led to speculation on social media that Trisha’s selection is confirmed.

    Already Recognized as a Star Duo!

    Prabhas and Trisha pairing in “Spirit” is not their first time working together. They have previously collaborated in three films. The film “Varsham,” released in 2004, created a sensation at the time. The chemistry between Prabhas and Trisha was so well-received that they gained recognition as a mesmerizing duo. Following that, they worked together in “Pournami ” (2006) and “Bujjigadu” (2008). While “Bujjigadu” received average talk, “Pournami ” failed to impress the audience. News about this hat-trick pair reuniting on screen after nearly 16 years has become interesting.

    Different from Arjun Reddy and Animal!

    Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga is said to be taking a different approach with “Spirit.” Unlike “Arjun Reddy” and “Animal,” which focused on stories involving affluent families, “Spirit” is set against a middle-class backdrop, as mentioned in the IMDB plot. However, the film’s unit has yet to confirm this. On another note, Sandeep Reddy had previously made comments about Prabhas’s role in “Spirit.” He mentioned that Prabhas would appear as a powerful police officer. The completion of script work and the promise of showcasing Prabhas in a never-seen-before avatar in this movie is noteworthy.

    “What the Producer of ‘Spirit’ Said?

    The famous producer Bhushan Kumar is set to produce the movie ‘Spirit’. Previously, he provided key updates about the film. He mentioned that ‘Spirit’ is a very special movie. He highlighted that Prabhas will be seen in a police uniform wielding a baton for the first time in this film. “Moreover, the music will serve as a major attraction for this movie. One thing I can assure about this film is that you will see Prabhas in a role like never before,” said Bhushan Kumar. Since this news broke out, Prabhas’ fans have been extremely delighted.

    Trisha Zooms Ahead with Big Offers!

    Actress Trisha, who had been away from Tollywood due to a lack of significant movies for some time, is now ready to make a strong comeback. Currently, she is set to act alongside three star heroes! She has already been fixed as the heroine in Chiranjeevi’s movie ‘Vishwambhar’. Recently, there have been reports that she is being considered for the role opposite Venkatesh in the upcoming movie ‘F4’, directed by Anil Ravipudi. An official announcement regarding this is expected soon. Now, news that Trisha has bagged a chance in ‘Spirit’ alongside Prabhas is making her fans very happy.

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