“SSMB29: Indonesian Heroine alongside Mahesh Babu?
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  • “SSMB29: Indonesian Heroine alongside Mahesh Babu?

    “SSMB29: Indonesian Heroine alongside Mahesh Babu?

    February 28, 2024

    With the film ‘RRR,’ director SS Rajamouli’s fame has reached a global scale, even earning praise from renowned Hollywood director James Cameron. Following ‘RRR,’ it’s known that Rajamouli is set to direct his next film with Mahesh Babu. Titled ‘SSMB29,’ the movie’s script work is completed, and pre-production is currently underway. As a result, news related to the film is going viral on social media platforms daily. Let’s take a look at some of the trending updates.

    Casting Complete!

    The selection of actors for ‘SSMB29,’ an action-adventure film, has been finalized, as per industry buzz. The team for the 24 crafts has been finalized, with news spreading on social media. Information suggests that Rajamouli has chosen technical staff and VFX experts who have worked on Hollywood films. With pre-production nearly complete, analysts suggest that shooting could start from the middle of this year.

    Indonesian Beauty in a Key Role!

    Recent updates indicate that an Indonesian actress will play a crucial role in ‘SSMB29.’ Chelsea Elizabeth Islan, known for her work as an American-Indonesian actress, has been selected for this massive project. Chelsea, who gained fame with movies like ‘The Raid 98,’ ‘Rudy,’ and ‘Habibie,’ has also won the Second Indonesian Choice Award for Best Actress. An official announcement from Rajamouli’s team regarding her involvement is awaited.

    Unique Promotions!

    The film ‘SSMB29,’ being an action and adventure movie, is currently designing characters and sketches that suit the story. Efforts are also being made in set design. Like his previous films, Rajamouli is planning unique promotions, including themes and logos for the movie. These activities are expected to take some more time to be finalized.

    Important Advice from Rajamouli to Mahesh!

    Mahesh Babu is currently preparing for his role in the film with Rajamouli, undergoing physical training to look the part for an action-adventure movie. There’s talk of Mahesh sporting a beard and long hair for the film. However, Rajamouli is taking precautions to keep Mahesh’s look a secret until filming begins. Rajamouli has advised Mahesh to complete any pending shoots related to announcements before the movie starts. Workshops with the technical team for Mahesh’s look are expected to begin soon.

    When Does the Shoot Begin?

    Rajamouli initially planned to officially start the ‘SSMB29’ shoot on April 9, coinciding with the Telugu New Year. However, due to the need for more time to complete pre-production tasks, the start date has been moved to August 9, around Mahesh Babu’s birthday. Industry insiders suggest this five-month period seems lengthy, indicating the possibility of an earlier start.

    National Level Press Meet!

    So far, Rajamouli has not officially updated anything about ‘SSMB29.’ There’s speculation whether he will hold a press meet like he did for his previous films. This time, Rajamouli is reportedly planning something big, with a national-level press meet expected for ‘SSMB29.’ The movie team is considering simultaneously announcing details to both Telugu and national media. The truth of these speculations will be known soon.”

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