Sundaram Master Review: ‘Viva Harsha’ Charms as ‘Sundaram Master’.
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  • Sundaram Master Review: ‘Viva Harsha’ Charms as ‘Sundaram Master’.

    Sundaram Master Review: ‘Viva Harsha’ Charms as ‘Sundaram Master’.

    February 23, 2024

    Cast: Harsha Chemudu, Divya Sripada, Chaitu Babu

    Written & Directed by: Kalyan Santosh

    Music: Sai Charan Pakala

    Cinematography: Deepak Bhagavathula

    Editor: Karthik Unnav

    Producers: Raviteja, Sudheer Kumar Kurru

    Release Date: 23-02-2024

    Comedian Harsha Chemudu, in the lead role, stars in the film ‘Sundaram Master‘, with Divya Sripada as the female lead. The film is co-produced by hero Raviteja and Sudheer Kumar Kurru, directed by Kalyan Santosh. This film has hit the screens today (February 23). So, how is the movie? Did Harsha impress as the lead actor? Let’s find out in this review.


    Sundaram Master (Viva Harsha) works as a social teacher in a government school. Dreaming of marrying a girl whose family can offer a hefty dowry because of his government job, his journey takes a turn when the local MLA (Harsha Vardhan) sends him to Miryalametta village to teach English. The village, isolated from the outside world for 90 years, supposedly holds a valuable thing that he is tasked to retrieve. What challenges does Sundaram Master face in this mysterious village? What is the connection between the village and the British? Did Sundaram complete his mission? And what role does Divya Sripada play? That forms the crux of the story.


    Viva Harsha, known for his comedic roles, has successfully delivered a performance filled with various emotions in this film. He made the character his own, proving that no one else could have suited the role better. Divya Sripada excelled as an orphan in the village. The artists who played the villagers also delivered commendable performances.


    Director Kalyan Santosh chose an intriguing story and managed to keep the narrative engaging without letting it drag. The depiction of a small village amidst forests and waterfalls is beautifully done. Sundaram Master’s struggles to teach English to the villagers bring humor to the audience. Until the interval, the film entertains with lighthearted scenes, but post-interval, the director shifts to a serious tone, focusing on philosophy. The transition could have been smoother, as the second half fails to maintain the momentum built in the first half.


    The technical department of the movie has done an excellent job. The art department deserves credit for beautifully designing the village setting. Sai Charan Pakala’s music and Deepak Bhagavathula’s cinematography are appealing. Producers Raviteja and Sudheer Kumar Kurru have delivered a quality movie on a modest budget.

    Plus Points

    – Harsha’s performance

    – Comedy

    – Music

    Minus Points

    – Weak climax

    – Scenes lacking logic Rating: 3/5

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