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  • Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni Turns 41

    As cricket fans, we can’t even imagine Indian cricket without the magical three words, i.e, M.S.D, aka Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The coolest captain, a lethal hitter, a breathtaking wicket keeper, and a history-maker of Indian cricket, M.S. Dhoni. Dhoni was born in a remote hamlet of Jharkhand state on this day(July 7)  in 1981. On December 23, 2004, Dhoni made … Read more

    M.S. Dhoni Celebrates support staff Birthday..nicest thing you will see on internet today

    Captain Cool, a.k.a. M.S. Dhoni, was reappointed as Chennai Super Kings’ captain after Ravindra Jadeja voluntarily stepped down. Dhoni is known for his calm and gracious nature. Unlike any other athlete, he never loses his cool in front of others. India’s 100 crore people affectionately refer to him as Captain Cool. Dhoni is a moral and ethical person. He proved … Read more